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  1. I'm of mixed race and have dark skin if I had to chose someone to give you an example of someone with a similar colour i'd say Halle Berry who's also mixed race. Anyway I have mild acne which consists of around 3 inflamed spots a week now i'm off medication. A few years ago i tried 5%Bp I was 14 at the time and it completely cleared my spot although I did experience some peeling, I only used it for 2 days because I was scared my skin would be bleached, however it cleared me up completely for ab
  2. Same here, i keep hearing about great cleansers but none of them I can buy in the UK, it's really annoying.
  3. Yeah I notice peoples skin looks better in the summer, with a nice "glow" to it. However I do see some people that tan too much and their skin looks awful it looks realy leathery and freckly it's disgusting and it looks so unnatural.
  4. I know what you mean i keep saying to my mum "I feel dirty and unclean". I dunno also I feel worse when i eat junk food. All the grease on my face makes me feel kinda uncomfrtable aswell, but oh well there's worse things.
  5. Did you buy these online or instore? I'm not sure if the Holland & Barrett near me will have them. Do most stores have them?
  6. To be honest I don't think you hould cut out dairy, i mean it's just dairy afterall. I doubt it's a big cause of your spots I mean even if it does cos te odd spot on you it has a lot of benefits that you can't get from soya milk. I mean you're drinking skimmed milk *gasps* someone's gone to town lol.
  7. Yeah, HUNDREDS of threads come up, i really would like to find it becaudse this guys results were so incredible just by having a healthy diet.
  8. I'm looking for a topic where a young guy about 17 18 19 maybe older cured hsi acne through eating lots of fruit and vegetables and not eating junk. The guy has lots of before and after pictures, the guy looks ethnic, he has darkish skin and looks kinda mixed raced... his skin is quite light though for mixed race. In the topic description is "SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX" he uses this to get everyones attention. If you recognise this, PLEASE send me the link or at least tell me what forum it's in!! T
  9. I don't know, I think my doctor doesn't knwo that much about acne medication and wanted me to have a break from it... see i've been using it about 2.5 years now. I've noticed coming off it that my skin has become much less oily :s
  10. What about pro-bitoic drinks and yoghurts? I'd much rather consume one of these a day than pop another pill to be honest, can anyone name any good ones?
  11. I've just come off differin which almost cleared me up. I'm now having a break from it and want to try something to do with diet. About a year or two ago i started drinking plenty of water which i Must say improved my skin and acne LOADS. Now i'm taking out refined sugar from my diet such as cakes, sweets, chocolate, sugar in tea, fizzy drinks, coke, suff like that. This is going to be hard as i jsut love CAKE, i'm just one of those ppl who loves CAKE!!! i LOVE DA CAKE! Anyway, I was wondering
  12. Luckily my male doctor is extremely helpful and has refered me to a derm and been a great help. I think it's mainly because acne isn't seen as an illness and is seen as soemthing you're supposed to have an that you grow out of. My take on this view is why suffer with acne and wait it out when it can be treated.
  13. We all have things that we do to help our skin clear wether it's changing the pillow every couple of days or drinking lots of water. I'd like everyone to post YOUR tips that have worked for you in helping you to improve your skin. Mine are: Wash with H&S Shampoo Change Pillow Reguarly Drink plenty of water throughout the day Avoid refined sugars No tea/coffee Eat fruit and veg
  14. Just to tell you, I doubt anyone feels the way you do about yourself when they look at you. You are actually a handsome guy lol, i was surprised looking at your gallery after saying all those bad things about yourself. And usually when people pick out what's wrong with them people tend to agree, so you gota see yourself in a positive light. All i can say is to set yourself goals, that you want to achieve in a certain period and work towards them, once you've accomplished them, make new ones...
  15. So this weekend I have an art trip coming up, a small group are going to france on friday, we're staying 2 nights in a cheap hotel. The problem is I don't have any friends that going, nor do I know a single person going, literally not even one aqquintance of mine is going. I didn't even want to go on this stupid trip i told the teacher I didn't want to go a while ago and she was like "OH FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!!" and was generally being an asshole. The only reason she reacted in this way is cos she
  16. Does anyone know where I can buy this online or in the shops. If online i need to know places that ship to the UK, i tried drugstore.com and they don't do international orders.
  17. Interesting how both of them have clear skin, lol.