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  1. http://perezhilton.com/?p=4380#respond http://perezhilton.com/?p=4342#respond See for a yourself. It's so annoying how people without acne view acne as if it's the persons fault, only because they don't get it themselves.
  2. I'm really interested in joining a gym to tone up my body and maybe build a bit of muscle and just look healthier overall. I'm planning to get memebrship to my local gym, with that comes and induction. The thing is I have no clue what I should be doing in the gym, how to achieve my goals... how much to lift... ANYTHING.. i'm clue. Please give me some advice if you're a gym goer! Oops this was meant for the Lounge!!
  3. Yeah i was wondering the same thing as i'm thinking of applying for McDonalds lol.
  4. Okay I will get descriptive. A good way to measure your hormones is the frequency of sexual desire. If you have a need to do it a few times a day it's really high. I used to feel the need to do it daily to every other day. And that was a bit too much. After giving up milk, I can go days easily without wanting it, and do it when I want. It used to be controlling, but now it doesn't "build up" but it's fully functional. That's how it feels so balanced! It's been 5 days now that I've even done it,
  5. Try the gilette sensor excel, works wonders for me... someone who is very prone to shaving bumps.
  6. I was just wondering what the benefits are of stopping eating after 8pm? So that by the time you're in bed you haven't eaten for like 3 hours.
  7. Is there essence of glass when you drink from a glass? Is there essence of pan or cooking pot when you prepare a meal with one? I don't know but it can be easy to worry to much, as long as you change your bottle often enough I personally see no real prboelm, but who knows.
  8. Diary is a big part of the western diet seriously, we use it as like a whole food group. I wouldn't be healthy living at home cutting out diary cos there's simply nothing else I could eat
  9. DAMN! don't you love closing cases LOL! Anyway I read that smelly scalp is called by fungus that feeds off the oil in your hair. Google Smelly scalp or scalp odour, there's lots of articles on it ;)
  10. To be honest I don't think it matters generally what you use on your face wether it's nothing or something. If you're genetically prone to acne you're gonna get it. Just because someone who doesn't get acne has poor hygiene doesn't mean it's "the secret" to clear skin, it just means they've never had to worry about their skin. If you rememebr you'll remember a time before acne when you just left your skin alone, you didn't need to give it attention, the only reason we all started using products
  11. Before I got acne, I never washed my face LOL, if i ever did i just splashed water on it in the bath which I had only once a week LOL.
  12. In this post it seems the people who say this worked or them only have a few posts and say "Thanks Moojamba" as if Moojamba has registered these accounts. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
  13. I'm looking to buy an electric shaver or beard trimmer that doesn't cut too close. I want one of these as I am very prone to ingrown hairs which are very inflamed and red. Can anyone recommend a shaver that won't shave TOO close but doesn't leave me looking like a yetti?
  14. What ever you do don't drink beer to try and clear your skin. It's stupid you don't want to constatnly be drinking beer dayafter day it's most likely going to make your skin look worse.
  15. What are your thoughts on this line? I've bought the Moisturizer which seems to be doing ok although it makes my eyes sting a bit. Today I just bought the exfoliating face wash.
  16. eww, that's disgusting I can't believe acne is making people do all these things.
  17. I'm in a similar position, i've been on different about 3 years now. I'm taking a brak from all medication and so far it's been about 4 weeks and I haven't had a massive breakout as of yet. But I think if Differin is working for you, why stop it?
  18. I have NO leafy greens at all in my diet, the only thing that comes close are garden peas. By not eating leafy greens am I missing out of nutrients and in effect worsening my acne? What are your experiences with leafy greens? What sort of leafy greens would you recommend? I'm thinking different lettuces for sheer ease of preporation so I can make myself a quick healthy, nourishing salad.
  19. OMG I used that too! It's really good doesn't break me out and leaves me clean lol... I was clear for a few weeks on that and Differin. I don't tend to bother washing ym face now unless i'm in the bath lol. I can't be bothered to wash ym face in a basin that everyone's spat in.
  20. Dan is promoting this regime. There is nothing about wether it is safe for skin of colour I have very dark skin as i'm mixed race and was wondering wether the regime would bleach my skin as one of the components is "Benzoyl Peroxide". I want to go ahead with it as I know it would work for me but am skeptical as I do not want to damage my skin.