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  1. I'm also of African origin, but that does nto make me an expert in the my skintype but I can share my experience with you. I'd recommend stayign away from BP, i used it for 2 days and it made my skins dry for like a month and plu it's not worth the risk of getting huge white patches on your skin. I'd reocmmend differin which si what i'm using as it shouldn't affect your skin in a negative way. But first definately see a doctor.
  2. Ughh, sibling rivalry... I think that we all see our siblings as having it easy... they probably feel the same way about us lol
  3. Ughh, sibling rivalry... I think that we all see our siblings as having it easy... they probably feel the same way about us lol
  4. By that do you mean, it's deceased in oil amounts? Or has your acne improved?
  5. So does anyone know of any cleansers with BP in them?
  6. "Oil Control Hydrator Multi-tasking oil-free formula soothes dryness. Works to de-shine and control oil. Helps reduce the look of pores. For normal/oily skin." Has anyone used this if so, is it any good and does it help reduce the amont of oil on the skin?
  7. "made with vegetable soap with natural antiseptic properties to cleanse and soothe blemished skin" "To cleanse and soothe blemished skin. Ysed daily, Tea tree oil soap unblocks pores and helps dispel bacteria and promote healthier skin" I dunno if this is a waste of time but i found this soap that contains teatree and was wondering if it's any use, i don't even know if it's pore clogging. INGREDIENTS Sodium Palmate, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Aqua, Glycerin, Sorbitol, palm Acid, Melaleuca Alterb
  8. jonny_boy


    I agree, time helps ALTHOUGH that's different we're talking about inflammation that contained puss as in little infections which basically is what acne is and these over time can get picked etc, so I feel it's a different thing.
  9. Ughh! Tell em about it lol. I have a very oil forehead hehe, i recommend washing it once a day with a gentle cleanser and not blotting it. And hopefully it should calm down. I've heard clinique is very good so i was thinking of trying their products specifically for oily skin.
  10. Hey, i was wondering what facial cleansers you all use, i have oily skin and was wondering what would be appropriate for me.
  11. Oh aswell, somethign that proves this is that companies are targeting this board with their products trying to get us to by them, it's so obvious aswell, lol. It's sad really.
  12. jgold, what were those "things" you were doing? I'd really appreciate if you could share so i can avoid them LOL. I have had acne since I was 14 and it peaked at 15 and slowly improved and now at 16, without medication I don't have many breakout compared to a year or so ago.
  13. I'm in the UK and don't even know if it's on sale here?
  14. I was wondering how long brown marks from take to go naturally without any treatment, if at all. I have hyperpigmentation from cuts that i did when I like 7 still left which i picked the scabs off, tut naughty me.
  15. Ahh, cool thanks for that. I heard Cetaphil is a good product... I have oily skin and what cleanser you would recommend to help this.
  16. I was wondering if there's any shops I could pick up some Cetaphil products like the moisturizer and wash, if so where? Also i'd be very interested to hear peoples reviews on the products and what have they done for there skin?
  17. I totally agree, you just gotta realise that there's people with worse acne than yourself. I looked at a girls acne log and i was like woahh, she is so strong to deal with that... i don't think i could do that and I definately admire her so much more than I do people with perfect skin. Also song helps me with this, for example we all have thigns to us that are special, it may not be perfect skin but we all have a light inside us that shines. here's a song that helps me through the difficult ti
  18. Someone actually agrees, woohoo... "an OIL FIELD" lol, i've been there
  19. "There is little evidence that any foods cause acne but it may be sensible for you to avoid foods that you think make your acne worse." I found this quote on there site which is an offical site, so there may be some link between certain foods and acne, in a way this gives me the impression that certain foods may affect different people.
  20. I feel that most of the OTC products out there are a waste of time, and are only there for the big companies to make money and they do not really care what they put in them. Does anyone agree with me that our skin is being "used" to make money for big companies. If anyone knows any ranges or products that are actually genuine and caring for our skin, please do post them ehre and I can make a list.
  21. Heya I'm 16 years old and dark skinned, I have forehead acne that started at 13 and got worse through the ages of 14 and 15 and now at 16 it is clearing and I have very mild acne with about 5 active spots at most. I used BP once, 10% cream and it made my face very peely... prolly cos i didn' moisturise but it did clear me 100% as I have very oil skin. I was wondering what BP cleansers are out there as they may be gentler as it's just a wash that you wash off and do you think they'd work for m