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  1. Hey people,

    Just wondering what are the nicest tasting herbal tea. See I've cut out everything but water and would like soemthing that tastes nice, I really like the taste of peppermint tea. However i'm worried as I'm male and it is known to reduce testosterone.

    Can anyone recommend any others, maybe even ones that are good for acne.

  2. The reason you're hungry all the time is the fact that you're not getting enough fiber from your diet. Fiber is found in all natural whole grains (wheat, oats, etc.) It gives you a feeling of fullness and helps your body absorb other essential nutrients, like proteins.

    I genuinely believe cutting natural grains out of your diet isn't the answer - especially so if you workout a lot. Carbohydrates provide your body with energy and allow it to use protein for maintaining muscle mass as opposed to generating energy.

    Obviously, I'm not really eating grass, Alternativista.

    Yes, I agree with you, Spikey! I've been intaking much more omega three, including flax seed which has lots of fiber and I am feeling better. I have made permanent changes to my diet and am eating much, much healthier than before, which is something I will keep with me because I actually enjoy it.

    I've had a BMI calculation done and 60% of the calories I intake should be carbs. That's saying something right there! I understand why people may cut grains out of their diet, but I believe even moreso that eliminating the largest part of the food pyramid is unwise. Trial and error, I suppose.

    Can you tell me a good replacement for Wheat such as bread and pasta. There is so much refined carbs in the diet in my country. I've heard Quinoa and rice are alternative, maybe potato. Is it unhealhty to completely cut out wheat and eat another grain such as Quinoa instead.

  3. I feel the same, i've currently cut out all sugar inc. sweet drinks, cakes, sweets lol. It's really hard cos so many of my snacks were biscuits, chocolate etc, so i find i'm always hungry.

    I'm on my third week of six and then I will judge the overall effects. If it works i'll have to look at how I can consume more calories, healthily, cos our bodies are obviously telling us they need more.

    I think a mistake is to remove something from your diet that people say breaks them out, as eventually we end up not being able to eat anything. Hence why i'm sticking with just removing sugar and sugar drinks lol.

  4. I am a guy and think I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I heard about a month ago that Peppermint tea cures this condition on the radio. I have taken 2 to 3 cups of this a day for about 4 weeks. It greatly reduced my stomach aches....

    But, I started to notice that my facial hair was starting to be reduced. Then my skin started to get a lot softer, my lips more puffy and sensitive breasts. I went on the internet and found a few articles that said that the herb reduces testosterone. This is not good at all. After about a month, my facial hair is reduced about 70%

    My question is, will things return to normal, now that I have stopped drinking this herb?


    Oh my goodness!! Those effects are incredible. What the hell!

    I cannot believe that a simple tea could do this, drinking tea gives you breasts damn!

    Anyway I hope you get back to normal. Does anyone know if peppermint tea increase estrogen in men? What are it's effects? Also could there be benefits from drinking say a cup 5 days a week, without the negative side effects.

  5. I read in an acne book that honey can be inflammatory, I used to put it in my green smoothies to make them sweeter, but then I stopped. I think I am doing a lot better with sugar than I used to, but I get cravings that are really difficult to curve. I have seen the pinned thread with the alternatives, but a lot of them are time consuming and involve baking. I am a student and I don't have time for that. Although, I do want to try baking apples because I really liked that idea I will try to find time to do so.

    I've given up sugar too! Im on my 3rd day! Have you seen much difference in breakouts since giving up the white stuff?

    Oh and also how is peanut butter a life-saver?

  6. i've moisturized everyday since i was 17. I'm am very into moisturizing - even with my oily skin. i love it. my skin is very soft and supple....around my acne.

    hehe. i guess my point is that everyone's skin is different. over-drying the skin can lead to an increase in breakouts. but even when your skin is supper moisturized, some people still suffer from acne.

    i went years w/o using any drugs on my skin to prevent acne. only using soap and moisturizer. but eventually, my skin started to break out like i was 15 again.

    i'm using Aczone now. so far, its has been the best thing for my skin. it doesn't dry me out at all!

    good luck to everyone!

    Sorry but I find that strange. I mean what's the difference between having a layer of natural oil on your face and slapping on moisturizer?

    I mean if you really wanted you could rub your face to work in the sebum? lol.

  7. I don't like the sound of this. I mean the dose of UVA from a tanning machine is a lot stronger than from the sub. Therefore using this for 2 minutes a day will accumulate to 14 minutes a week times that by say 50 weeks of a year is a LOTTTT of hours of UVA exposure and this over a life doesn't sound good. I'd rather have acne then premature aging and blotchy, sun damaged skin.

    I do believe natural sunlight is better sadly there isn't much of that in the UK lol.

  8. Hey there!

    For some time now, I have been following an non-diary diet, hoping that it would reduce my acne that is centrered around my mouth. I still eat some cheese and yoghurt, but I stay away from milk and ice-cream.

    A while ago, I heard that a non-diary diet was effective, but that it was completely fine to consume the organic diary, as it didn't have the same effect on your hormones that non-organic diary have. I could not get this confirmed at the place where I heard it, and I would therefore like to ask here, at the world largest (?) acne-forum :):

    Can I consume organic diary, and still expect the same effect as I can when keeping away from any form of diary?

    PS. I am Danish, and there might be some errors in my text. I apologize if it is not readable.

    I'd just like to ask how long have you been on this dairy free diet? And more to the point have you seen any improvement in your acne?

  9. its pore-y, spotty (small spots), scarry (very small indented scars) and bumpy, looks really really odd and it gets me down, my cheeks are bearable just my forehead. someone plz help :(

    Hey i'm in the same position, i broke out really badly there from 13-16 and it's really damaged the texture of my forehead skin. I dunno if it will go back, hopefully someone will help me out.

  10. Hey there, welcome to the site.

    After reading your post there are a few things that spring to mind, that you need to do to combat your acne. I would suggest:

    You stop squeezing the spots, just let them run their course. What you're doing will spread the bacteria and the spots are more likely to leave scars. Also it doesnt really make then look better, in fact worse.

    I don't know if you've been to the doctors, but you must go. They can prescribe your much more effective topical or oral medications to combat your acne, reducing it significantly.

    Also for the most part diet doesn't cause acne, so I wouldn't worry too much about what you eat, just eat healthy lol.

    Basically if you haven't been to the doctors get down their and discuss it with your GP.

  11. I would love to have a go at drinking these delicious sounding green smoothies. i feel as if i don't get nowhere near enough fruit or veg in my diety, today I've had a total of 0 portions LOL.

    The thing is I ahev 1 question before i start, how loud are blenders? Are they painfully loud? See i don't wanna damage my hearing, does it depend on what's being blended? Also Is it ok to put veg in the blender like chopped carrots? or are they too hard.

  12. i put a hand towel over my pillow and change it at least 3 times a week. i did this even before i started to getting acne, but i do notice that my bad side is where i put my face against it the most.

    Oooh, if it's the friction you must get some real bad blisters on yo ass from sitting down :think:

  13. Well I'm 18, which i technically when you're classed as an adult. I see the people in my year with clear skin and the people in year 9-11 who have quite bad acne because they're hormones have just gone mental. Surely at 18 I shouldn't be battling with reguarly occouring, inflamed acne.

    I also have become so accustomed to acne that I feel it's the way skin is supposed be, almsot as if spots are part of how the skin should function. It's gotten to the point where when I see someone with clear skin I wonder how on earth they don't have acne, I mean our skin produces semen and dead skin cells, WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM!!?!? I also feel my skin is just always gonna be acnefied as it is very oily to touch and I'm a male and I feel that we have thicker skin and more testosterone so i'm always gonna battle it.

  14. People were saying how their friends do nothing to there faces and can just crash and fall asleep, while they're there applying 100 different chemicals to their faces LOL.

    Anyway I realised that it's the opposite of this in my house... my sister has absolutely flawless skin, no inflamed acne or whiteheads whatsoever apart from the odd 1 every few weeks. The funny thing is that she buys 10's of products for her face from these commercial brands like l'oreal, face creams, masks, washes, gels the LOT and she doesn't need them at all. i keep telling her you don't need this crap, you have naturally good skin... she doesn't listen though lol. Another thing she does is say "my skin looks so awful today" LOL and here I am with infalmed bumps on my face :rolleyes: