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  1. Ok for the past few days I've been washing my face morn and eve with Dove Bar and my skin is a lot less oily. The dove bar really does feel as though it's moisturized me too. I think i'll stick with this, as I ahve really oily skin and this seems to help a lot.
  2. I want to drink Peppermint tea and feel it will work. However I'm worried I will lose my facial hair and get breast tissue etc. I also worry my body will make more testosterone to counter it lol. I don't like the idea of messing with my hormones.
  3. Hey people, Just wondering what are the nicest tasting herbal tea. See I've cut out everything but water and would like soemthing that tastes nice, I really like the taste of peppermint tea. However i'm worried as I'm male and it is known to reduce testosterone. Can anyone recommend any others, maybe even ones that are good for acne.
  4. Hmmm interesting. Maybe it is true when people say "wash your face" lol. I'll give it a go though/ Is it better to jsut use water or should I use a cleanser? and can you recommend any? Also is it really necessary to mositurize whenI've already got oily skin? I mean wont apply Jojoba oil make the situation worse?
  5. Question: How long have you been abstaining from masturbation for? When did you begin this experiment.
  6. Ido not wash my face every day, sometimes I go 3 days without splashing water on it or using a cleanser. I must mention that I have oily skin to the touch, which is very shiny. Would washing my face reduce my mild/moderate acne. I.e Washing away the layer of sebum say twice a day?
  7. Obviously, I'm not really eating grass, Alternativista. Yes, I agree with you, Spikey! I've been intaking much more omega three, including flax seed which has lots of fiber and I am feeling better. I have made permanent changes to my diet and am eating much, much healthier than before, which is something I will keep with me because I actually enjoy it. I've had a BMI calculation done and 60% of the calories I intake should be carbs. That's saying something right there! I understand why p
  8. I feel the same, i've currently cut out all sugar inc. sweet drinks, cakes, sweets lol. It's really hard cos so many of my snacks were biscuits, chocolate etc, so i find i'm always hungry. I'm on my third week of six and then I will judge the overall effects. If it works i'll have to look at how I can consume more calories, healthily, cos our bodies are obviously telling us they need more. I think a mistake is to remove something from your diet that people say breaks them out, as eventually we
  9. Oh my goodness!! Those effects are incredible. What the hell! I cannot believe that a simple tea could do this, drinking tea gives you breasts damn! Anyway I hope you get back to normal. Does anyone know if peppermint tea increase estrogen in men? What are it's effects? Also could there be benefits from drinking say a cup 5 days a week, without the negative side effects.
  10. I've given up sugar too! Im on my 3rd day! Have you seen much difference in breakouts since giving up the white stuff? Oh and also how is peanut butter a life-saver?
  11. Ok I have moderate acne and I'm gonna try this from today. I haven't masturbated since Sunday so this is day 3, without it. Okay i'll keep a written log here. I will do that, people always say they will then forget about it lol. I to have noticed when I haven't masturbated my skins got better, i'm going to find out for sure whether that's just coincidence or NOT>!
  12. Sorry but I find that strange. I mean what's the difference between having a layer of natural oil on your face and slapping on moisturizer? I mean if you really wanted you could rub your face to work in the sebum? lol.
  13. I don't like the sound of this. I mean the dose of UVA from a tanning machine is a lot stronger than from the sub. Therefore using this for 2 minutes a day will accumulate to 14 minutes a week times that by say 50 weeks of a year is a LOTTTT of hours of UVA exposure and this over a life doesn't sound good. I'd rather have acne then premature aging and blotchy, sun damaged skin. I do believe natural sunlight is better sadly there isn't much of that in the UK lol.
  14. WHat about when washing your hair in the bath? The shampoo gets in the water and on your face etc. WHat do you do about this?
  15. I'd just like to ask how long have you been on this dairy free diet? And more to the point have you seen any improvement in your acne?