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  1. Add extra ZINC supplment a day 15mg-50mg it will boost healing 30% .. At least worked me in healing skin for sure PS: A about diet guys just try to stay away from Vegetable oil.. so most stacks junk foods it is contain enough v.oil...
  2. Snail Creams (It is really work damn!!) + Zinc 50mg a day
  3. IF Your prone acne than .. YEs leaky gut 100% couse acne...!!!
  4. that also 1gr a day for 15-30 day fast recover sun damage and eat high vitamin a foods same perido
  5. I think Stress here (for mostly everyone) is top 1# couse acne.... Ah those and those information about Hormones and acne info I am post here : (For those people that have no info about stress horome) Understanding the natural stress response : If your mind and body are constantly on edge because of excessive stress in your life, you may face serious health problems. That's because your body's "fight-or-flight reaction" — its natural alarm system — is constantly on. When you encounter p
  6. well... sugar skin 1# enemy
  7. If you have gut problems like undigestion bloating and so on ... Than do fasting and + liver flush... after that finish those both start taking probiotics and digestive enyzme.. I belive 99% undigestion and gut problems direct linked to acne!!!
  8. I am like Natren brand... THey only making probiotics.. www.natren.com
  9. protein shakes do not couse acne for me too.. I luv my Soya shake with fruit smoothie mix!!
  10. Yes you are right it is helps especially when you have colons problem and IBS.. You can even apply damaged skin area... Aloe Juice it would do it is job
  11. Yes well it is just not worth to buy and expencive Save Money..... For clear skin it is enough to to look around on this forum and find your way root to solve problem as I did.. Otherway if your lazy go on and buy any acne ebook that saying will solve you acne problems... - About site no problem enjoy.. Btw Updated site with new ebooks from my archive... http://www.melbook.co.cc Enjoy OK. By scam do you mean that it's all BS and doesn't work or that it's not worth the money spent? Than