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i hate scars

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  1. maybe i should not even consider a phenol peel then, im just so depressed about these silly scars, what about tazorac? do you know how well that works?
  2. can you but tazoric on the net? it sounds like good stuff, can you use it togehther with tca peels?
  3. so which is better retina or supercop?
  4. has anyone had a successful phenol peel?
  5. hi thanks for the reply, i looked up this site but cant find much on supercop serum, what kind of scars do you have? do you have any similar to mine, these liner scars really annoy me cause they look like wrinkles, where did you but supercop?
  6. i have all sorts of scars ranging from shallow indents, liner scars and old acne marks where i used to squeeze my spots. i have tried tca peels and retina cream but no luck, they are very mild but upset me so much i dont want a life. anyone got the same problem as me and anyone found a cure or shall i just give up hope?