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  1. TemperateCent: I can't help it; I like to rant when something upsets me, hence the essay-long replies. ^^ So can we agree to disagree then? TheBigBernard: Yeah, I just wanted to get that out of my system. xD The strange thing is that I feel a whole lot better now, And uh, thanks for the reality check there. I'll take the responsibility for leading that on. I'll try my best to avoid that next time. ^^ CamusWasHalfRight: I think guys underestimate the importance of confidence as w
  2. It's sad that you leave out people that may never appear confident because of mental illnesses. How am I 'leaving them out' by advising them to see somebody more experience with anxiety than I? Now this is just pathetic; you have resorted to personal slander. This isn't Mean Girls, you don't throw shade in an attempt to make your argument popular. The fact that you have resorted to this tactic it quite childish: what were you hoping to accomplish by mentioning I 'can't defend
  3. What do I suggest for people with social anxiety? I would most likely advise them to see a therapist/psychologist that specializes in treating people with social anxiety. I mean, if they are suffering from SA, it would be better for them to consult a professional, who can create a specialized plan for them.
  4. That's not what I meant at all; I was using the term "you" in the previous statement as a hypothetical for somebody with genetic acne; I was not literally meaning you. I intended to give a perspective of the situation of the person with acne; I was not trying to tell you what your own life situation is like, I hardly even know you. Looking back on it (I re-read it), I can see where you might have mistook it for just that. It was horribly worded on my part, my apologies. I'm sorry you were
  5. Of course I'm not an expert in anxiety, I told you before how I have no personal experience with anxiety, which is why I didn't include it in the first post. I was not trying to "leave anybody out", as you so rudely assumed before. And you're right, I shouldn't be debating about anxiety, and neither should you. This is a low self esteem post, not an anxiety discussion. It was a medical website; forgive me for mistaking is as a reliable source. And I stand corrected; anxiety can lead to
  6. You must not know much about anxiety then. Now let me explain this to you "simply so that you can understand": Anxiety is a nervous disorder often accompanied by feelings of frustration, anger, and/or worry. Anxiety does not mean you have low self-esteem; it means the brain has tendencies to worry excessively or become frustrated when encountered with what the sufferer thinks of as a stressful situation. By stating "people with anxiety will have problems with confidence and self esteem because
  7. . The only one completely in charge of what you become is yourself. It's up to you -not others- whether to use that experience to help yourself, or to hurt yourself. You often don't get to chose what bad things happen to you in life; however, you can chose the effect it has on you. And yes, I know I'm being harsh, but I believe that we should be able to rise above the bad experiences in life and make something good out of it. I doubt you're a bad person, but I advise you t
  8. I apologize in advance for my late reply; I did not expect this thread to be responded to. It wasn't until I checked my inbox that I saw I actually had some replies! I'm not good at quoting others, so please bear with me. Senoritastephie : I am so glad you were able to relate to the message! Thank you for sharing your experiences. AlexanderJ86 : I am so sorry for those who have treated you unfairly, and I wholly agree on your interpretation of how the media affects society's ideals o
  9. Let's all face it- for most of us with acne, dating doesn't come easily. Love doesn't come easily. And no, it's not because we're all 'ugly' or any of that superficial nonsense. It's because we tend to have self-esteem low enough to win a limbo contest. That's the core of the problem. We degrade ourselves, tell ourselves how 'nobody will ever love us', how 'acne is ruining our lives', how 'a social/love life just isn't possible with acne'. And with enough reinforcement from ourselves, it become