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  1. I have noticed for me that using BP on a regular basis really makes my red marks stand out far more than when I don't use BP...probably because I'm very pale. Maybe try using a little less and that might help with the irritation.
  2. Doxy doesn't seem to work anymore for me...I was on it for a year and it really helped! But now I'm back where I started, breaking out again. Would swiching to monocycline or another antibiotic help? Thank you!
  3. has anyone got their inital breakout on retin a a couple weeks after using it??? I just got a nasty breakout last week and I'm wondering if the initial breakout can come, well, a bit late? A couple weeks to maybe even a month I'd been using it w/ no new breakouts up until last week.
  4. i just ordered some from the site! Actually, it does ship to outside the country (im in the US) looking forward to trying it out!
  5. should i put on a moisturizer before or after i put on the retin a?
  6. im just on the retin a im thinking about accutane but i know it would make me uber dry cause i tend to get peely...Eucerin looks good. Thanks for the help!
  7. I just started using .05% retin a and after about a week, im already looking pretty clear, except im SO peely!!! does anyone know of a good moisturizer that I can use w/ retin a? I dont have oily skin or anything and I actualy find that the moisturizers that say "Oil Free" don't work as well for my dryness. any suggestions? thanks!
  8. Im considering going on accutane. I already visited my derm and the paperwork is filled out...just on hold for a while until I decide. Well anyway, I was wondering about the dryness that many people endure throughout the cycle. Does it get VERY dry with lots of peeling for anyone? And I mean like REALLY dry. Like the whole face is flaking. I have dry-prone skin anyway and Im no stranger to a little flaking here and there but its never been that bad. So i guess what I'm asking is: Is it wo
  9. I'm sorta new to the whole 'getting a peel done' thing. Where would you go to get one done? Like a spa or something?
  10. I really like Vita-K but I use it for red marks.
  11. I've had something similar happen to me. I was at the doc (not for acne...i had the flu) and he's asking about all the meds I'm on and he says something like "and of course your using treatment for acne" just the way he said it was like sooo rude i couldn't believe it. I now have a theory. All doctors are assholes. They are all overworked bastards and are impatient and cranky everytime they see a patient. Forget about it. =)
  12. i use it everyday...not necesarily becasue I'm in love with it...mostly just because of a lack of anything better for me to use that doesn't break me out. It's okay, but not miracle makeup. The coverage is pretty good but sorta...peely(if thats makes any sense) I'm considering switching to minerals.
  13. you can buy them at any drug store really. I got mine at CVS