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  1. easiest way to die is to just let nature do its job: dying at age 80 owns everything. dont kill yourself man.....i've been really down as well: acne, looking bad, no girlfriend, friends letting me down, acne never seems to stop... but in the end: im happy now, things are improving, im getting more and more friends, acne is clearing a bit, and im worried less about it, and there is one girl that well 8-[ i am afraid to say it but i think she likes me. Just know tha everything can chang
  2. acne looks worse, but scars are there forever...or well, they CAN go but it takes much time and effort, scars are worse, acne is something that will eventually go away, scars generally speaking just fade, never really go
  3. that sucks, didnt do the regimen with the 'old' BP, but after hearing all those positive reports of other lounge people, i though: ill give it a try, guess i cant well, have to look for a way to ehh 8-[ 8-[ 'arrange' it
  4. i have about 10 pimples, and 50 hmm.....bumps, not really pimples but just a little bump.
  5. be glad you're not one of them, they seem so happy and lucky in the begin, but like you said: they are complete assholes to people they dont want, or dont consider worthy enough. They are most likely not anymore happy then you are, people are never happy with what they got, they always want more, and believe me, if you were like them, it would be normal to date hot girls, and you would want other things as well, it isnt like desire isnt part of them, and as long as they have desires, they arent
  6. thanks for reassuring me Amelie yeah i was kind of thinking what else it could be......guess there was something weird happening, im always a bit overly sensitive to these kind of things :-k
  7. Hi Maya / thanks for the reply, they might have been doing such a game themselves...i dunno, might be the case :-k And thanks for the comments on my picture and personality, i SOO hope you're right /
  8. thanks zha and labelleen, and =D> @Gumby
  9. thanks Misty gives me much hope i knew here a bit already Jc, she posts in the lounge too / , that is my usual territory, but i read the emo forum all the time, and once in a while, like now, i post something when i need advice.
  10. thanks for the advice, i will try to DRIVE on O:)
  11. when we say we RIDE a bike (my bad, wrong word ) then we say "we fietsen", when we drive a car, then we say "we rijden auto". so we kind of just say "we bike to bla bla bla" it isnt normal for things like that to happen over here, but it isnt something weird, happens sometimes, happens more and more actually, kids grow up like that.