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  1. Hello everyone I have oily skin/acne prone. I wanted to know whats the best moisturizer during winter months and I still have oily skin. A moisturizer that wont clog my pores and cause more acne. Thank you.
  2. Im starting accutane again next week but I need help with lip balm and moisturizer. I took accutane for 2 months last year and I forgot which lip balm and moisturizer I used. Any tips appreciated. Thanks
  3. But do you know if Tretnoin helps with my red spots?
  4. My doctor recommended Tretinoin, and my insurance doesnt cover it, comes out to $100. Is it worth it?
  5. I was on accutane for 2 months but was taken off because my liver level was high. Anyways I was told to wait 3 months but after the 3 months what treatment can I use to treat these spots/scars? Best solution?
  6. I was on accutane for 2 months, 40MG/day. My doctor took me off since my liver level was high. Its been 3 weeks since I have been off accutane and I am not considering going back on it because my acne has cleared up. However I am left with tons of red marks and scarring on my face so I want to know how long should I wait before I can start treating my red spots and scars?
  7. Wow dude your skins looks great! My pimples went away after 4 weeks but I have lots of red spots. My doctor actually took me off accutane cause my liver level was high I go back in a few days hoping to get back on it!
  8. Week 4- Week 8: What Can I say, pimples are gone I have gotten 1 or 2 breakout here and there but nothing crazy, however I am left with tons I mean tons of red spots on my cheeks and it looks like its acne but its just spots and really annoying. Anyways I went to my doctor after my 2nd month and my liver level was high so my doctor took me off accutane for 2 weeks and I go in couple days and hoping to get back on accutane.
  9. Keep us updated! I am going thru purge moment myself
  10. Yeah man what can I say, acne sucks no matter what people say. but we still gotta live life you know. Its funny I used to watch videos of people saying stress causes acne. Yet my only stress is acne lmao. On the bright side we are on accutane and its a miracle drug from everyone ive heard! Feels like time is going so slow! Btw whats your dosage?
  11. hey man hang in there. i have like 6 active pimples! yours look a lot better. One more month for you before you pretty much clear up man.
  12. We have same issue, ive been suffering since I was 17-18 now 23. I am on accutane only 40MG a day and I weigh 180. So I think thats pretty low considering my height and weight but then again I also heard higher dosage has the worse purge period. I am already getting breakouts on 2nd week now and going to work sucks. So i guess lower dosage works out for me less purge haha
  13. Honestly from what I heard is that higher dosages have more permanent results. Don't quote me on that but I did hear that. But it also depends what kind of acne you have. I have mild to moderate acne, and I am a 23 year old male weighing at 180. I was prescribed 40MG a day and my doctor never even asked my weight.
  14. Jeez man im jealous! Im on my 9th day of accutane cant wait for my results haha