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  1. I agree that 'when' you go to sleep is just as important as getting that 8 hrs beauty sleep. When I had cystic acne I had no real sleeping pattern and never slept before 12.30am. For me - changing my sleeping to 10pm-6am marked the beginning of my recovery - I also started to do exercise, drank a lot more water, especially green tea in the morning, made sure I had my daily poop and avoiding dairy/oily/junk food - my acne slowly went away after 3 months. (that's after months of spending $
  2. My story is somewhat similar to yours... Acne since 11, tried roaccutane at 20 but it returned. At age 28 & at the height of my cystic acne (roughly 2-4 new cystic acne on a daily basis, mostly on my cheeks/chin) I gave Chinese Medicine a try. For 3 months I did acupuncture, herbal face mask, herbal medicine, cupping (the suction thingies), I also tried what they call 'fang xue' where they poked 20-30 holes at different areas on my back and used the cup to suck out blood. I did that onc