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  1. Thanks for the reply, guys! I asked my Dermatologist how much hair loss is considered normal shedding, and she told me 100 hairs a day. I told her I felt like I was losing hair based on the fact that the amount shed in the shower suddenly became noticeable three weeks into Ortho Tri-Cyclen. She suggested I do a hair count, but I'm not sure how to ACCURATELY count the amount of hair I lose and average it to amount lost per day. I'm sure I'm losing a ton throughout the day without notice... Ho
  2. Not really, but I felt like it last night (more details later). 1 Month Survived! I'm about 2 days from my 1 month anniversary of starting Accutane, and it's a good time to summarize my progress up to now. Overall, my experience with the pill has been amazing. None of its side effects are anything more than a nuisance, and if they don't get any worse on higher dosage next month, I can probably live with this. Week 1: I expected to experience nothing, and, sure enough, I did. However,
  3. I was tempted to post this as a blog, but figured I get more responses here (hopefully). I need the opinion of some sensible people. I have a horrible habit of misdiagnosing myself with things I don't actually have, so I'm going to ask you guys first before I go running to the doctor begging for solutions. I've been on Ortho Tri-Cyclen for 1.5 months now. I think I'm losing my hair... and I associate it completely with Ortho Tri-Cyclen as I started noticing lots of hair loss in the shower
  4. I'm officially one week into Myorisan (Accutane)! And... I'm SO VERY DRY. I've been dry since about day 3, actually. My lips, my nose, and the general area near those two are flaking out. I'm not sure if becoming dry so quickly is a good sign that I react well to Accutane or a fair warning of serious consequences ahead. I'll continue and see. I honestly am not bothered by the current dryness -- it's a nuisance at most. What I am bothered by is ... Scarring... While staring at my flaky,
  5. Alright, ladies and gentleman! I finally, FINALLY, picked up my box of Isotretinoin 40mg (Myorisan) pills! I have not taken the pill yet, but I will very very soon. I've already bought the Cetaphil, the Clerave, the Aquaphor, the foundation, the sunscreen, everything. I am so ready to jump on this journey. I probably won't tell you how the first day goes because, well, everyone already knows how it's going to go down. In fact, I'll write it for you now! ---------------- DAY #1 ---
  6. I took serious offense to that "clingy ex" comment. Your clingy ex is most likely clingy because she is hurt. Acne, on the other hand, hurts you. It's okay. I'm over it. Just be glad you are on Accutane. It's not offered to any random stranger with a few pimples on their face, you know. I know it's frustrating to be on the pill and still not see results. I'm (almost) in the same boat. I wake up to a face full of serious acne, and I feel like I won't ever be satisfied, even after I'm do
  7. I'm getting my 2nd pregnancy/blood test on the 15th, this Friday. My dermatologist appointment on the 18th is to discuss more about Accutane and probably get the prescription filled. I guess I'll be starting that week . I'm not really sure how the Quest Diagnostics thing works yet.... I should probably ask her. I am SO ready to start this pill. I've already bought the moisturizer and gentle face wash. I'm waiting for my birthday to order the aquaphor for lips (general store only has regula
  8. Your face is so clear, I'm a little jealous
  9. My 21st birthday is in 4 days. For a college student, this is supposed to be the most exciting birthday of my school career. It's the day I'm supposed to invite everyone I know over and celebrate passage into "adulthood". Instead of being excited, I'm terrified. Half a year ago, I would have planned for this to be the perfect day. If my skin weren't in this condition, I would be preparing a trip to the beach or filling up gas so I can drive all around Sacramento trying all the foo
  10. Hello Guys! (and Gals who don't like being called Guys) Thought I'd entertain you with a picture (or pictures) I drew this morning related to how I feel about my own acne. This last week has been nothing but a waiting game for me... I wake up in the morning, eat my breakfast, go to school (research), and come home with a new pimple. The end is coming (maybe, hopefully, plsgodsayitisso), but it is not here yet. Sometimes I feel like my face is getting better already (minus the visible s
  11. Thanks for your advice Leelowe. I thought about it more and decided I'm going to go through with the BCP. I have a strong feeling that my acne is hormone related. (Never had regular periods, pretty hairy since a young age, and my acne USED to be strongly correlated with my cycle). I don't know what's going on now, but I pretty much break out daily regardless of it. I did go to my doctors multiple times trying to get tested for PCOS. Once 4 years ago: I got a hormone/blood test and tested
  12. I'm so sorry! I haven't written in over a month, and it was intentional. I don't want to write every day or every week when there is nothing interesting to write about. What I've basically been doing this entire month is calling any dermatologist in my area I could find, and asking how soon I can be seen. A quick reminder, the dermatologist I was originally referred to refused to see me until September 2nd (It was June when I asked to be seen). Even though I was extremely distresse
  13. Of course I don't want to get on it just to be "noticed." I just feel like I'll regret it for the rest of my life if I let acne ruin my senior year. For most people, it is literally the last year of school. I don't really know what's after that, and so I want to spend my last year doing everything I didn't do the last three. I'm sick of hiding, I'm sick of being afraid of what people are thinking when they see my acne -- acne I can't even hide with make up. So, it seems I'm in the same boat
  14. I have a dream... And that dream is to live. I have a goal... And that goal is to give... To give the world the best of me... To rid it all so they can see... The person that I am inside... The face that I so often hide... -Teresa My goal... is to be rid of my acne by the time senior year (of college) starts. It's a need, not a want. Senior year is the last year I will be able to see my friends every day. It is the last year I'll be surrounded by thousands of people my age
  15. I'm glad you're voicing your feelings out somewhere. It needed to be done. I'm in the exact same boat as you. I do everything I can to hide my acne... not just with make up.. but with all my talents and my personality. I sing, I draw, and I'm considered pretty smart. But just like you... it's not enough. Doesn't matter how much you PRETEND to be happy with yourself... if you're not happy, then you're not happy. We need to attack the problem directly so we can finally see the light. I thi