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  1. I decided to show an updated picture. I am really pleased with my results. I'm basically breakout free since I stopped treatment. Still working on Scars but that's moving along. I recently went tubing and took this picture on the bottom right with no makeup on. As you can see it's so much better! The other pictures were during treatment. Accutane was hands down the best decision I ever made.
  2. I am still clear! It's wonderful! Accutane was the best decision I've made. It's made such a difference in my life. I got to stop obsessing about my skin and move on to other obsessions. LOL
  3. Thanks guys! I went back down to 40 mg. I would have personally toughed it out at 80 mg, but my blood work showed increasing cholesterol.
  4. I don't have any good before shots, but this is when I was pretty bad for me. My first week. Me a few weeks ago. Me with just a powder foundation and lipgloss. Me hiking earlier this month with no makeup.
  5. After a long 7 months I'm DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's bittersweet because now I'll be freaked out every single morning! I haven't had any breakouts for 2 months and it's been wonderful. I still have a lot of PIH but the dr says that will go away with time. Accutane was the best decision I've ever made. I wish it was mentioned to me much earlier in life!!! I would make the decision again in a heartbeat. Over the course of my treatment I had very little side effects. I did have: dryness insi
  6. Are you moisturizing regularly? I mean at LEAST twice a day. I carry a moisturizer everywhere I go and it keeps the dryness at bay. Not a lotion, but an intense moisturizer. I like CeraVe Moisturizer CREAM. The thick stuff not lotion, but cream. You look awesome!
  7. I totally agree topical Retin A was way worse on my skin than accutane has been!
  8. In the US, iPledge is actually a website where you have to take a test every single month before the pharmacy can dispense the drug. You have a card the pharmacy will keep on file and once they get your prescription the pharmacy they will check ipledge to see if you did your part. If you did they can fill it. Last month I forgot to do ipledge and the pharmacy called to remind me. I also messed with so many alternative treatments that never worked. I really wish I started the tane sooner. do
  9. I believe the process is slightly easier in the beginning because you won't have to wait the month to make sure you aren't pregnant. It should be meet with the doctor, go get blood work, and then after they get the bloodwork back they will call in or give you a prescription. You will then have to go to iPledge to answer questions. Once that's done the pharmacy can fill the prescription and you have 5 days to get it filled. 5 days only. one minute past and they won't fill it. Don't mess around
  10. I'm in my 7th month of accutane and in MY experiences the symptoms were not that bad. I didn't even get dry lips, dry skin, or anything really but dry eyes. I had slight joint soreness when they bumped me to 80 mg, but I went back down to 60 and they went away. If you have acne, have tried everything, and it's still happening just go for it. I regret not doing it earlier because I now have some scarring from those breakouts. Accutane was a godsend for me and I was also terrified to start. I
  11. The doctor decided since we got a late start to extend me another month so as soon as my blood work comes back I'll start month 7! I can't believe how fast it's gone. Seriously crazy! I'm feeling good. No real symptoms besides dry eyes at night. Since going to 40's my joint pains are gone. I need to correct my dosage because I forgot I did 60 mg one month. It was: 40 mg month 1 40 mg month 2 40 mg month 3 80 mg month 4 60 mg month 5 40 mg month 6 40 mg (about to start)
  12. Dr appt tomorrow to see if I'll continue another month or be done! So far it's gone like this: 40 mg months 1-3 80mg month 4 40 mg 5-6 I have been clear this month except 1 spot on my jawline. I'll update when I can!
  13. Awesome!!! Just be proactive and always have lip balm on your lips and the corners and keep a travel moisturizer with you at all times! You'll be golden!
  14. So today I was in the car and there was good light so I pulled out a mirror and saw the craziest thing! My nose pores were pushing out the sebaceous filaments!!!! I've been dying for this to happen! It looks like little hairs all over the nose. I removed them of course, but this usually happens earlier in treatment so I thought I wasn't going to have it happen. It was awesome!
  15. I'm in my 6th month of accutane and I think it's not nearly as bad as people make it out to be. There are so many horror stories I was terrified to start, but now I'm almost done and I'm shocked how few symptoms I even had! I didn't even get dry lips or peel-y skin. A little joint pain but nothing unmanageable. I feel like the people who had bad experiences are really vocal scaring people who might want to try the meds. I will say I have NOT had a cycle since August. I'm definitely not pregn