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  1. So last week I am sitting at my desk minding my own business when my roommate's friend decides to tell a story. He tells us that he was waiting for the dining hall to open when this kid randomly asked him if there was a paper due in some English class. Well my roommate's friend didn't know what that kid was talking about, and shrugged him off. I asked him if it was the same kid that roams around the halls of my residence hall and starts talking to me randomly like he knows me. My roommate's fr
  2. Smile everyone -- Thanksgiving is near! I am in a good mood today! http://mysite.verizon.net/nfriedman/ls.jpg
  3. Holy shit my aunt lives like 10 min from that school. Next time I am up I'll let you know. Probably will be during Christmas break.. heh well im away at college pretty far off. anyone live by hornell, or alfred, NY? You don't come home during Christmas break?
  4. Holy shit my aunt lives like 10 min from that school. Next time I am up I'll let you know. Probably will be during Christmas break..
  5. OMG two of my best friends would MARRY you in a heartbeat!!! Seriously! They ADORE super short guys! So keep your chin up buddy! Btw my uncle is only one inch taller than you. Thanks!
  6. I like these two: Oh and this is a cool black and white:
  7. I was born in Massachusetts -- Louisville Slugger is a baseball bat too you know . . .
  8. I am going into my second year of college in the fall majoring in Computer Information Systems. I work for EMC Corporation, Inc., as an IT Support Specialist in the call center. I am just doing this job in the summer though. I work Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays from 7:00 AM - 7:30 PM so basically they are 12-hour shifts because they subtract 30 minutes for lunch. I get Tuesdays through Fridays off though so that kicks ass. The friends and contacts I've made at this job are so valuable, and m
  9. ow dude, you look just like someone, an actor i think, but i cant remember right this instant who it is, i'll post you a reply when i do http://mysite.verizon.net/nfriedman/Pictur.../JuniorProm.jpg Me at junior prom. . . Let me know when you can think of it.
  10. From the album: Me

    Just sitting at my desk.
  11. No one has ever told me I looked like some celebrity. What do you guys think? http://mysite.verizon.net/nfriedman/me.jpg
  12. Eye sight (contacts work awesome though) Short (try being a 5' 3" 19 year old male, but I am trying not to care anymore) Besides moderate acne and those I think I am in good shape. I live in a great house with a great family, I have a great job, go to a great college, and have great friends who don't judge me based on those "problems" listed above.
  13. I can't really see myself with a girlfriend right now, but maybe that will change in time. I am sure I could have a girlfriend if I really wanted to . . . I don't think I look too bad. I am trying to get my priorities straight right now. I am clearing up, have a nice job, and entering my second year of college. I think when I am pretty confident with myself then I'll consider looking for a serious relationship.
  14. Thanks, that's why I got contacts.
  15. From the album: Me

    In my room . . .
  16. From the album: Me

    Posing outside . . .