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  1. HELLO EVERYONE I need you help asap I am getting close to my 6th month using hydroquinone before I have to take a break for a few months I have SEVERE HYPERPIGMENTATION I MEAN SEVERE since I was about 8 I am now 20 and just now using hydroquinone I hear about people saying how it only take hydroquinone a month to heal or 6 months and hydro has definatly helped me I notice a difference but I DEFINATLY HAVE ALOT MORE HYPERPIGMENTATION to go I wanted to know is it normal for it to several years tre
  2. HELLO!!!! If someone could help me with my last concern ive been self conscious of skin forever for dark marks and uneven skin know hydroquinone is knocking that problem to hell it is saving my life right know I am in my 3rd month I was told to use for 6 months last year. but I heard once u stop using it comes back maybe even worse before so I wanted to know if someone could tell me if after my 6 months of hydroquinone I could switch to kojic acid and what percent can I use forever and will it
  3. thank you a lot for replying but Ive been researching this for years and it never really says I know everything about the retin a and what hydroquinone does but for someone who has acne spots and hyperpigmation and sunspots all of the skin with little patches of even skin like a dalmation or something how do you apply it if u have spot all over cheek do u just apply to whole cheek if u have spots mostly all over nose do u apply all over your nose to make sure u got everything instead of trying t
  4. I really need help using this hydroquinone I was prescribed retin a 0.5 and hydroquinone 4percent ive been using retin a for 1 year and I never u the hydro because I never knew how because I figured I have spots all over my face it is impossible for me to pintpoint ever single small scar even thoe they make my skin look horrible imagine someone with freckles but caramel skin and scars plus hyperpigmitation and certain spots in between with clear skin so I have no idea how to apply the hydro do I