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  1. Day 15: Uuuuh, a few more minutes before I get off work. Okay... The forehead pimple is getting big, real big. I"m starting to get a little self-concsious. But on a good note, I don't see any more new ones today. I'll have to check the mirror closer when I get home. I was hungry all day. I had a lot of dried fruit and nuts mix today. I hope that's not going to make the IB break out worst.
  2. Day 15: IB: The pimple on my right cheek is still there and has white headed again but less noticeable. I'm not letting it pop this time. The small one on my left cheek has shrunk quite a bit. I imagine it would flatten out over the weekend. Two new pimples on my lower right chin, not as noticable. A pimple on my forehead. I"m not too concern about that one either. It's the one on my cheeks that gets to my head. According to most logs I've read, majority of people that that had an IB no
  3. Yeah, I'm also still on Benzoyl Peroxide, which I was told not to use. But my skin is normally extremely oily, so I don't I have to worry about that right now. I'm going to slowly ease off BP and SA once I notice any signs of dryness. I started using the Aveeno wash tonight after the SA wash because it wasn't cutting it. I'll let you know how it goes. My method is actually not working as well as I hopped. I had a pimple popped up on my right cheek two nights ago. It turned white the next
  4. Hey Emotion, I'm glad to hear it's going well for you. It's only been day 12 for me. I haven't used the Aveeno Ultra Calming Cleanser yet. I'm still sticking with the St. Ives Salicylic Acid scrub. My face hasn't been that dry at all except for oustide my lip area. If you don't mind me asking, out of curiousity, how much do you weigh? I want to get an idea your dosage/weight ratio. I heard it matters. I only weigh 130+-5lbs. I know pretty light for a guy. Hence, the Dr. only have me on
  5. Hey Shanranae, Haven't heard from you in awhile. How's the IB? I hope it's going well. I'm finally starting my IB and Im getting depressed already . Hopefully it won't be too bad. Good luck.
  6. "Side Effects: Dry lips of course, which are getting drier by the day. Dry eyes. I wore my contacts for the first week of treatment but now I always wear my glasses, and will continue. I've been using the Visine Tears which works well (for a short while). Oh yeah and like I said before...you'll read about it when it happens...i think my butthole is drying up. I'm trying to be blunt without being too blunt, but it would be wrong to hold back. I don't have blood in my stool, but when I wipe (espec
  7. Hey congrats for starting, I'm on day 10 of my course and have felt some dryness around the mouth and eyes but nothing major yet. Good luck with the course! Congrats to you too. What dose are you starting on?
  8. Short bio: before accutane I would get about 2-3 pimples/week, some weeks more than others, the occasional cyst/nodular, which last for several days to weeks and leave indefinite red marks that make me look like a monster from outerspace. I was on Retin-A, plus my current regimen aside from accutane. Stopped Retin-A on 01/17/08. As a result my skin usually gets better and the red marks fade before it starts getting worst again. Day 1: Drank a gallon of water. I think it was totally unneces
  9. Hey my regimen is probably eventually going to look pretty similar to yours. What did you use in the past prior to starting Accutane? I stopped Retin-A and BP last night, since I'm starting Accutane today. I'm so worried I'm going to have a horrible IB and suprisingly my skin has been the best in months!I've been on BP forever (12 years). It's like my baby, even though I hate what it does to my skin. Well, good luck with your journey!!! I'll be following along.
  10. Hey Emotion, I'm starting mine today! I like your regimen. I've purchased/considered purchasing the same items you have. I also like reading your log. It helps give me an idea of what to expect, in a sense. I'll be following your log regularly. So, thanks for the read.
  11. Are you keeping it moisturized with some kind of neosporin or something? I don't know, but maybe someone else can clue us in if that would help and prevent scarring. Yea I use the super rich moisturizer with emu and jojoba oil. i apply a little neospori and aloe too.
  12. Thanks widgie. Thanks for the help. Thanks for the encouragement. I appreciate it. I think I'm never going to do another peel again. Ever. That's what I told myself before my last two peels but I did it anyways. This time I'm going to put it in a box and put it away. I'm over with peels. Peels, I hate you...
  13. i got it at homepeels.com. Salicylic acid 7%. It contains some lactic acid and comes with a bottle of preping solution. I didn't do four layers. I only did one layer once a week for four weeks. My redmarks are hardly noticable or very light pink. But if I have the choice of redmarks or scared/burned skin, I would take the redmarks. On the night when my skin burned and cause me to scab I use a salicylic acid 2% wash, which was not recommended. Now I'm dealing with the consequences. Since
  14. I guess I'm relief that the right side of my mouth is drying up and scabbing. It let's me know that the skin underneath is healing. It's like getting a bad sunburn. Your skin starts to dry up and peel eventually. But the skin underneath is fresh and healthier looking. What I'm really concern is the left side of my mouth. It's just red. In the past, I peeled it so much, it doesn't scab anymore or peel. It's just red. I stood in front of the mirror for over 30 minutes asking myself why I