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  1. I'm pretty sure this concealer broke me out, BAD. My graduation was a week ago and I wanted something that would cover well for pictures so I used that and I also went to an all night party after at my school so it was on my skin for about 24 hours. Everywhere where I applied it I have huge angry zits now. Anyone else had this problem?
  2. I really need help figuring out what is going on with my skin. Ever since I was a pre teen I remember having pimples on my chin, but only on my chin. I figured it was just hormones and it never really bothered me. Then I started breaking out on my back. Just in this past year or two, I've been experiencing a LOT of nausea and motion sickness that I never had as a child. I also feel very dizzy when I do things when I never used to have a problem even at amusement parks on every single ride.
  3. The top of my back is clear, and the very bottom of my back is clear. But the whole middle of my back is always breaking out in huge pimples. Their not cysts, but their huge and leave bad hyperpigmentation. What can be causing this? Is it my bra maybe? I only break out on my chin which is hormonal.
  4. Just because products are for acne, doesnt mean it will always help. Your new cleanser and stuff can have ingredients that your skin does not like.
  5. Seriously, i would not change your routine. You might regret it sooo much! And you'll be much more embarrassed with acne again. Just do your routine when no one is there, say you need to use the bathroom or something.
  6. I have back acne and sometimes occasional chest acne. My dermatologist prescribed me a 10% BP Wash and it works wonderful! Also, let your body air out sometimes, like wear more revealing clothes at home or something so your body isnt always covered up, and avoid sweating!
  7. I read somewhere that once opened, Benzoyl Peroxide is good for around 3 months. After that, it becomes ineffective. I was prescribed 10% BP and i used an old bottle of mine when i recently had a bad breakout and it did nothing. Then i got a new refill and my face has been clearing up and i can feel the difference! So consider that when you use your BP.
  8. If its flat its probally just leftover hyperpigmentation and not actually a pimple
  9. 10% Benzoyl Peroxide worked great for my body acne! But for the face, you really have to just identify what is causing it and then fix it. Getting hormones, your ph levels, and stuff like that tested is the best thing!
  10. I know exactly how you feel. I went to the dermatologist awhile ago with such high hopes, and all she did was give me BP and other irritating treatments that just did nothing for my acne but make it more irritated. I think the best way to treat your acne is to get things tested such as hormones, thyroid, your ph levels of your skin, and then see if you have an imbalance anywhere!
  11. Im thinking of buying zinc to treat my acne on my chin/jawline. I have almost all of the symptoms of a zinc deficiency. I know i need chelated zinc, but what brand should i buy? I cant order online by the way. Thanks!
  12. It all depends on what kind of ingredients this new product has! Most of the time they work differently. Have you tried buying it from Amazon?
  13. Im a 17 year old girl with recurring acne on my chin and around my mouth. What are the options for this kind of acne? Please help!
  14. So im trying to find the cause of my recurring acne on my chin and around my mouth. I also realized that i have white spots on every fingernail of mine, dandruff sometimes, sooo many stretch marks everywhere, and also canker sores a lot. What kind of deficiency does this sound like?