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  1. Day 25 of ACV My forehead (the only treatment area - known to not EVER peel) is starting to peel the slightest bit. It looks like my scars are becoming more superficial. Hopefully in some months, my scars will be completely gone.
  2. Day 21 of ACV My scars look a lot better but still very far from being gone.
  3. Day 14 of ACV My scars look better, but not that much. I don't notice a big difference from Day 8. My Pantethine pills arrived. I'm thrilled that I only have to take two pills a day, although it is recommended to take three. I'm trying to tan my skin to help conceal flaws, as pale skin shows it all.
  4. Day 8 of ACV I think I'm starting to see results. People have commented on how my scars are fading. I'm running out of B5. I don't even have enough for tommorow. I have to lower my dosage until my shipment of Pantethine comes in. I've read that Pantethine is more effective than B5 and you don't have to take as much.
  5. Day 4 of ACV Scars look different. I'm not sure if it's for the better, but the scars have changed in appearance.
  6. I've decided to start the ACV method. Hopefully, I'll buy it tommorow. I'll use it in the afternoon...I think. Retin-A will be applied at night.
  7. I'm wondering whether or not I should use apple cider vinegar. A lot of people have said they had good results with it. Honestly, I'm really confused. Retin-A has to be used long-term..I don't know if I should stop it to use this. I'm going to think it over...Maybe I will start using it after 3 months of using Retin-A...if Retin-A doesn't get rid of my scars.
  8. You should definitely try B5. It's the only thing that's cleared up my acne. I have a couple painful bumps today...damn Retin-A. I put a glob of Clearasil on it. My skin is looking somewhat better. It looks like Retin-A is filling in my scars.
  9. I really like this Clearasil product. It's tinted, so I thought it'd be awful since my skin color is completely different; but it looks fantastic! After you rub it in, the color blends with your skin - it's great as a foundation, but the product is tiny. It conceals blemishes to a pretty good extent. Overall, this is the best topical I've ever used! My skin is looking great today. My scars are less visible - I don't know if that is because I used Bio-Oil or if it is because I just started using
  10. Good luck! I've used B5 to clear my severe acne in the past. After I stopped, the acne still didn't come back. Only recently, have I gotten breakouts again and have started back on B5. I'm about 80% clear from a week of B5.
  11. Hey guys, I was wondering how Retin-A compares to Tazorac, as they are both Retinoids.
  12. I use this product too! It truly is amazing. I apply it to my nose and cheeks, and those areas are now flawless! I also used this last night on my forehead to help combat the initial breakout from Retin-A and today I woke up with less pimples. It's pretty cheap too since I bought this jar about half a year ago.
  13. B5 should be helping - just make sure you're taking enough. Can you elaborate on your problem with applying BP overnight? How is it causing you problems?
  14. I've started using Retin-A nightly. I broke out a little yesterday, because of Retin-A. I used Clindamycin to combat it a bit. Since I'm running out of Clindamycin, I looked into OTC products. I just went to Walgreen's a couple minutes ago to pick up a product that looked interesting to me. I'm planning to use it in the afternoon, as it contains Sulfur; The ingredient in Proactiv Refining Mask, my pimple-zapper.