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  1. Everything said in reply to my post is very sound and practical. I am just telling my story, A way to get rid of acne but not THE way of course. As far as candida, I hear a lot of mis-information about it, you are right. It may not be the root cause, but I did the candida diet and it cleared. So I am passing that on. Those who have targeted candida have had success too, and then been able to return to eating sugar. So it isn't insulin that is the problem in such people. It must be something that
  2. I have used the Acne.org regimen for years. I am a 26 year old male. I have never posted anything in the forums because I have been on a quest for a few years to cure my acne. Sometimes I gave up but something always got me going again and eventually, I stumbled upon the answer. At least it is the answer for me. I believe many people can get rid of their acne this way though. It worked for my wife and my step sister too. I converted to a raw food / detox diet 2 years ago. I enjoy the diet and
  3. I discovered this website while looking for a better alternative to Pro-Active which doesn't work, and I came upon Acne.org. I'm really glad I did, I was enthusiastic at the notion of using over the counter and in-expensive products as part of my new acne regimen. After 1 week I didn't notice any difference. Then I watched the videos which I had neglected to find in my excitement to begin the new regimen. I found I had not been applying enough On-The-Spot Acne treatment or waiting long eno