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  1. my skin was going through the worst breakout yet about halfway through. i'm pretty sure I had two IBs, one at the beginning and one when i got bumped up to 80mg/day. i just finished my course about a week ago and my skin is very clear!! don't give up
  2. quick update: just took my last pill everrr!! man those 5 months flew by! thanks for all the comments means a lot to me. for those who are using retin-a after their course, did you start out at the lowest percentage and then work your way up, or..?
  3. day 157!!! two pills left!!! and i'll be done with my 5 month course!! going on accutane was one of the best choices i've ever made. it feels amazing to consistently have clear skin unfortunately i have quite a large amount of red marks, but hopefully those will fade soon. how long did it take your redmarks to fade after your course?? i totaled it up and my cumulate dosage is 135mg/kg. is that a good amount? i really really don't want my acne coming back my derm wants to put me on retin-a
  4. no update in a while.. how's everything going??
  5. holy crap! you skin looks amazing!! you said you wanted your redmarks to fade, but i hardly see any at all! damn i wish my skin looked like that after month 1. hope everything is going well!
  6. i use revlon's colorstay in the oily/combination formula in color 150 Buff. works so well
  7. Day 118!! sooo not much new to report. skin is getting soo clear. i have one tiny tiny active on my right cheek, but other than that, nada! the only things left are redmarks which are quite annoying. uugh how long do they usually take to fade after you stop treatment? swim season started this week so i'm a little worried that my lips are going to get super dry as well as my hair. i know that accutane dries out your hair and unlike before swimming started i could get away with not washing my
  8. sorry that the sideaffects are hitting hard what are you using for your lips? have you tried aquaphor? It works well for me! and maybe neutrogena's T-gel for your scalp, i personally haven't tried but i've heard it helps hope everything gets better soon!
  9. day 102!! woooh! triple digits! hahah. so not much to report. i have two small actives that have been here foreverrr. they were part of the huge cluster of pimples on the right side of my chin. hopefully they'll go away soon. got a pimple a couple days ago on the right side of my mouth-area but it's pretty much dried up now. now i just want the red marks to heal!! ahh how long does it usually take for red marks to go away after your course is done? because i know that since your skin is sh
  10. don't give up!! i felt the same exact way, i was so discouraged. my skin wasn't that bad with month 1 but month two i got the worst breakout i've ever had and my skin finally cleared up a lot during month 3 with 80mg/day. just remember that it WILL get better what dosage are you on?
  11. woow! you've made such improvement in only about a month!! your skin looks amazing. just imagine how it'll look at the end of your course if it looks like this now??? any idea how long your course will be?
  12. heeey!! i'm sorry you feel like you're still breaking out =[ i was definitely feeling the same around the end of december. if you can try to go on 80mg! it realllly helped me a lot. i'm feeling so much better now! hope everything goes well!
  13. hey! thanks for stopping by my log!! i guess you'll be getting your prescription soon!! that's so exciting :) :) keep me updated!