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  1. happy birthday 2 years later

    1. Human. I remember a great deal of you polkadots, you were always such a nice person. I have been where you are now, and barely made it out, I know you can eventually climb out of whatever you are experiencing right now as well.
    2. I have very severe rolling scars on my forehead, for me its natural sunlight, like when I look at my reflection in a shop window or in a mirror with light shinning in, it illuminates my scars, quite scary.
    3. Every time I massage my skin even a little I get a giant pimple there. I have freakishly sensitive skin, but even for those who have mildly sensitive skin, I don't think this is a good idea.
    4. What about acne, is it keeping your acne under control, no new breakouts?
    5. Walgreen's ordered it and said they'd have it in Monday morning, can't wait, all of you who are trying it keep posting updates
    6. Mr. Redmark, you said you might have to order it online. Is there any reason Walgreen's or Wal-Mart wouldn't have it?
    7. About 6 years ago, around my 15th birthday. Been severe acne or severe scarring/pigmentation ever since.
    8. Wow, I feel great about where I'm at right now. Just got back from a run. Most of the dark red stuff was indeed blood I guess I couldn't get off with the alcohol wipes or formed after I stopped using them. Just a few red areas left, and not really any scabs yet, the huge scar, which was I mean deep and huge, has risen to nearly forehead level, probably all swelling, but as I already had had bad pigmentation problems for years I probably look better now than I did before I needled lol. Don't look
    9. Wish I had the money to try other things. From what I have red more people have had success with needling for indented scars than fraxel. For an update. I look a hell of a lot better than I did right after, though still no chance I'd go out in public. Not so much purple anymore, and the numbness and soreness has gone away. Still very bright red, and some dried blood (maybe scabs) all over my forehead. I havn't washed my face since, though I've splashed water over my face a few times this mor
    10. Needled yesterday, plan on letting skin heal without any creams, as I heard this is how many people do it. I do plan on drinking a lot of water to keep the skin naturally moisturized and running 30 minutes every evening, and this will obviously bring a lot of sweat. I heard you can't scrub for sometime, but I'm guessing lightly normally washing with soap is ok on the needled areas right?
    11. It certainly is a challenge, as a guy who had very severe acne and now has severe scars, anyone who says any different is lying. And no, just working on your personality will not help that much. I adviSe you to work on a talent many girls find attractive. Become a talented musician, work on your body and take up many sports, these can go a long way.