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  1. Hi Dave! So first of all your name. I lived in London for 6 months (study abroad) so I loooove the UK. And Dave was the name of my first loove and 32 is my FAVORITE number! So I can tell I already like you! ha ha ! Anyways.... Background on me: I finished Accutane March 11 (9 month course) started at 20mg and worked up to 80mg for the last 4 months. I work out about 5-6 days a week (lots of squats, lunges...aka lots with the joints) and I didn't have TOO much of a problem. I kept up with
  2. 1 Month Post-Tane I am exactly one month post-tane today and things are going well so far!!! Almost all of my side effects are gone and I haven't had any realy huge pimples pop up. Unfortunately, my oil is starting to come back - not the way it USED to be though, thank god. It's more normal now...when I was on tane my skin was super dry (not flaky though) and now that I am off tane I feel like I have a normal amount of oil on my skin - so hopefully it won't increase! I do miss that part of
  3. Hi all, So I'm 24 days POST-TANE and things have been fine until now. I woke up this morning with about 17 itty bitty tiny tiny pimples on my forehead and some around my mouth too. Could this just be from me accidentally touching my face?? Also, I have been sleeping forehead to cheek with my boyfriend the past few nights - could that be the cause?? And lastly, I have been using Cetaphil as a cleanser - since I am now off accutane, should I be using a cleanser that kills bacteria and elimi
  4. 24 Days Post-Tane HI BEN!!!! So good to hear from you Thanks for thinking of me! How are things going with you??? My skin is ooook. I just checked (and counted) and I have 17 ittsy bittsy pimples on my forehead. It almost looks like a rash. I have little areas of these tiny tiny pimples around my mouth too. I am wondering if it's just from me touching my face with dirty hands? ALSO, I've been falling asleep forehead to cheek with my boyfriend the past couple nights...so maybe some of h
  5. Hi Matt- So sorry to hear that you have to do a 2nd round of Accutane. But, I think it's for the best! Hopefully this 2nd round will clear you completely. How long were you on your first round? If it was only 4 months...maybe that wasn't long enough? My course ended up being 8 months!! But FINALLY I am clear and hoping to stay that way...but if my acne were to come back, I think I would definitely do another course of accutane. Let's hope this clears you for good!! Kristen
  6. 17 Days POST-TANE I am THRILLED to report that my skin is still clear! I have not gotten one new pimple since I stopped taking accutane! After 2 weeks, my lips were back to normal and it is SO weird not putting chapstick on 24/7! I wake up and my lips aren't cracked and dry!! The rash on my hands has almost fully gone away! My skin is actually smooth now!! So far so good with the results. I think the redness in my face has subsided a little bit too. My red marks and scars are still pretty
  7. Hi pink.barbie! Congrats on starting accutane! Hopefully you will see amazing results from it! I just finished my course (8 loooong months) but it was definitely worth it and if I had to do it again I would. So I read your post in the other accutane section and you mentioned that your derm is doing bloodwork in 2 months. My derm only did bloodwork maybe 3 times the whole time I was on accutane! So I guess that is normal. Although most people on here get bloodwork done every month! I thou
  8. 3 days POST TANE I can't believe I am done!! I took some pictures on my last day to see my end results. I haven't downloaded them yet, but will soon!!! So when I finished on Sunday, I still had one active pimple on my jawline. Not too bad. It would have been better if I was TOTALLY clear...but other than that pimple my face looks clear. Lately it has been really blotchy looking with random red spots (that I get nervous are new pimples forming...but so far so good). Also, throughout m
  9. So green cream would probably be the best thing then. My skin is sensitive right now (due to the accutane obviously) so I am thinking of starting at level 3. Are there any side effects with the green cream? Do I need to stay out of the sun etc?
  10. Jordan- Congrats on being done!!!! I totally agree with your post about it being a positive experience, but with some drawbacks. What is Cleocin? I am wondering if you are planning on keeping up a maintenance program...I finish tane in 4 days! Kristen
  11. So I'm done with accutane in 4 days and am wondering if I should change the products I have been using? Right now I only use Cetaphil Cleanser (AM & PM) and Aveeno Ultra Calming Moisturizer SPF 15. Should I start using a cleanser that will help control breakouts? Or should I switch to a sensitive skin cleanser? I really like the Aveeno moisturizer so if all possible I am going to try and stick with it. I also have a whole tube of duac leftover, so I was thinking I could spot treat with
  12. Bugmenot- When I started my 6th month I was still breaking out too - my derm said the EXACT same thing "you aren't where we want you to be..." so I continued through the 6th month and broke out. So when the 7th month came around, and I was still breaking out, I continued with accutane. Then the 8th month came and I was still getting pimples here and there. And now here I am 5 days away from finishing 8 months of accutane...my skin has been perfectly clear for about 2 weeks! So sometimes i
  13. TennesseeGrl- I have the same problem with red spots. I am just about done with my accutane course (5 days!). Will the aloe make my skin break out? It seems like it might....I'm just really nervous about my acne coming back once I stop taking the pills and don't want to do anything to cause a breakout. Kristen
  14. Omigosh I thought the day would NEVER come!! But it's in sight! AHHHH!!! You have to be patient - there were times when I wasn't and it was a struggle...but just know that things will turn out okay in the end. I struggled throughout most of my course...and then it had to be extended 2 months because I was still breaking out...but FINALLY...I am almost done. So even in the tough times, keep your chin up!!!
  15. Hi Fitnessgurl!! Good luck with accutane! I am finishing my course in 5 days, I was on it for 8 months! But I wanted to recommend Dr. Dan's cortibalm for your lips...aquaphor is good but can be messy. Dr. Dan's is specially formulated for Accutane users. I struggled with my lips the first 2 months until I got Dr. Dan's and since then it has been SO MUCH BETTER!! Click on the link and just print out that page and bring it to your pharmacy and they can order it. It costs pretty much the sam