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  1. i wouldn't want skunk to leave, her pic is too sexy.
  2. i find it rather hard to spit on my own face, but i always lick my arms when my cats scratch them, i'm like a vampire.... except that i crave my own BLOOD!!
  3. damn i coulda made myself rich when i was little... and if i was chinese
  4. http://www.skinbiology.com/scarsveinsmoles.html it mentions something about doing saline injections only with 70% glycolic acid. true it's not TCA cross with glycolic, but if ppl can be injected with 70% glycolic acid then i think they could be CROSSed with glycolic acid as well.
  5. that sucks but i think should be titled "The Man Whose Skin Fell Off"
  6. if it's on TV is must work DAMNIT! Seriously? i doubt it works
  7. if a girl sucks me then i have no problem with saying "girls suck"
  8. i'd ask a dermatolgist, too bad you seemed to have missed out on that opportunity
  9. sounds like it's canada to me, go see a DERM, he might know
  10. i'm 17 lol and no, i don't sleep enough. I happen to suffer from mild insomnia :/
  11. ok so i know this isn't acne scars and all, but it's related a bit and i turn to yall cuz yall so damn smart!!! i'm not quite sure when i got these lines but they are under my eyes one under each eye. Not Wrinkles, but like lines that are fairly apparrent. Anyone know why this happened + any remedies for it?
  12. yeah a few years ago i went to UK + France... France was much more inviting
  13. expensive, extensive downtime , and a bit overboard i think.
  14. my scars look terrible in the morning i think yall are just too sleepy to focus on them earlie in tha mornin'
  15. sounds terrible if you ask me, but that's just if u ask me.
  16. it's finnish and i think they're talking about fillers + the use of a nonablative laser. they talk about restaylne (which is a tem filler i think) so the results are not permanet. Btw i don't know an ounce of finnish so don't ask for a direct translation
  17. one of the products u were using broke you out?
  18. 781

    Duac Gel

    duac worked wonders for mine, i used it with a sulafacet-x (duac in morning, sulfacet in evening) and took doxycycline twice a day. it made the redmarks from any new acne fade pretty fast, but existing acne marks fade(d) on their own..:/