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  1. Do GPs all across the UK know who Dr. Chu is and can anyone be referred to him because my current GP is in Sheffield where I study at uni (my permanent UK address is in Preston, Lancs); would I be able to get a referal to see Dr. Chu seeing as I am so far away. Dr. Chu is the only Dr. I read about on here when scar treatment is mentioned. I am coming upto a year since coming off Isotretinoin and want to start looking at scar treatment soon. I do want to get it on the NHS; my parents are not hig
  2. I know it isn't used for removing scars but because of this small panthley stating that it has a slight peeling effect, I thought that it may remove, or at least improve, small scars that arent very deep. I think this must be simply due to the bleaching effect of the benzoyl peroxide. Is it permanent or do the dark patches re-appear?
  3. I read a small panthlet at the dermatology department when going for an accutane check-up. It's called something like 'The small book of acne facts'. It commented on benzoyl peroxide having a slight peeling action. Could benzoyl peroxide be used like an acid peel as a scar treatment. Obviously I know that there will not be major results but there may be some improvement? Anthony
  4. I am soon going to be finishing my isotretinoin treatment. I just want to know what scar treatments are available on the NHS in the UK. I think there are some chemical peels available (which ones?) and I think dermabrasion is also available. Are there any others?, and which treatment on the NHS is liklely to be most successful? Cheers, Anthony
  5. I haven't really had any luck with any antibiotic treatment but minocyline was the best one for me. It stopped my acne getting worse and had no noticable side effects.
  6. Thanks. Has anyone tried both ultrabase and diprobase, if so which was best. Or has anyone tried either of them and thought they were good, particularly for the face.
  7. I got the name totaly wrong, it was off the top of my head and could have sworn it was correct. It is actually called diprobase and not dermabase. I have now edited my first post. Thanks, Anthony
  8. I went for my 3rd appointment at the hospital and got my accutane perscription, 18 weeks into it now and not seen any improvement. I also got some diprobase emollient cream produced by schering for my arms, which have become very dry recently, and was wondering if this would be good for my face as well. I currently use ultrabase also produce by schering, which according to my GP is a popular moisturiser. The ingredients in both are similar but ultrabase has some extra ingredients over dermabase.