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Picture Comments posted by cj83

  1. Thanks for the nice replies guys. Hmm for the red marks I'm in fact doing nothing than waiting. That seems to work best for me. I tried some other stuff but in the long run all the cleanser and moisturiser and stuff made my skin much more sensitive, so I decided not to use them anymore. And as you can see it works great!!

  2. Thanks for the replies guys..appreciate it! :D

    hey ya how are you its been ages since I've spoken to you. Your skin is looking brilliant and you have such a great bone structure. :D

    Haha..Thanks for your compliments lara..Things looking really good for me right now! Thanks so muuuch.. :D

  3. hey good luck with the accutane i'm sure it will work wonders. Good luck and if you have any questions jus PM me I finished accutane a few months ago and am still clear. Good luck :naughty: Oh and you have fabulous eyes. :D

    hey thanks lara,

    I'm on my 90 day today...I've even posted one more pic I took last week..so its getting better the last days..

    I hope it will go on like that.. :D

    I just had a look at your pics. Congrats your skin looks admirable.. :D