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  1. Hi planlos,

    good to here that you're almost done with your course. Regarding from your log entries the accutane is still doing a good job on your skin. So 20 day left eh? After several months that's nothing dude. Congratulations...

    btw I think you mean nose, not noise...hehe.. :D


  2. Hey ya freedom,

    Wow its so long since we last talked. Almost a year or so, dunno exactly. Sorry to hear that you got to go on accutane again. But hey you know that it will clear you up one more time. So all the best for your 5th course. I'm not as often here anymore but I'll follow your progess from time to time.

    Best of luck!


  3. Horray man.... glad we both came through it and are clear! This accutane stuff really works doesn't it? :-)

    Yeah it works pretty well dude. Glad you also got great results! Let us hope it stays this way.

    Hey guys,

    small update! I'm now 3 months post tane and my skin is still improving day by day, so I thought its a good idea to post a pic again..;-) And I'm glad to announce that all the side-effects are gone by now. That's pretty great! Hope the accutane will also bring you good results.




  4. Hi Jules,

    Saw your new pics. And I've to say you got some really great results there. Its looking so much better than before.

    Oh regarding losing more hair after accutane. I've also noticed a increase of hair loss for maybe 1,5 months after I finished my course. I think I lost around 40-50 hairs a day. I know everything under 100 is still called normal. But for me it was much more than before. But the piece of good news is that its normal again. So don't worry too much about it I think it probably will get back to normal the next weeks.

    Congrats again!


  5. Hey thanks for all the nice replies guys! Its much appreciated! Hope you're all doing fine.

    Skin is still ok. Only thing I'm a bit worried about is that I got some new zits on my scalp. But my face is still clear. That's the most important. And the good thing is that the red marks are fading day by day. Dunno maybe the breakout was caused cos I'm often wearing my NY cap. My hair is also more oily again. So I think that means no cap the next week. Otherwise I feel pretty good. The christmas break from uni is almost there. Only two weeks to go. GREAT!

    Have a nice weekend guys!


  6. CJ,

    Thanks for the reply man. I actually was reading your log the entire time from start to finish. You provided me with a lot of useful info. If you noticed I posted on your log on Nov. 28th.

    You got great results as well. I'm sure over time all the red marks will go away and people will never even know you had acne. I'm even contemplating some kind of peel to rid me of some of my little scars. What about you?



    Hey Greg,

    Yep I've seen your comment on my log. Thanks for reading and commenting dude. I'm really glad that it provided you with some useful information. Regarding the scar topic. Unfortunately I've to say that I also have some scars on my right cheek left. But the red marks are fading and fading more each day. So everything is cool for me. I think I'll wait till next year and look how things are looking then. Atm my skin is still healing so maybe the scars will also improve a bit during the next months. But if you decide to try some stuff against it let me know if it works.

    Keep up posted! Have a nice weekend!


  7. Hey Greg,

    Congrats for finishing mate. I've seen your pics you posted in your gallery and I've to say that the accutane brought you some great results. Hope your skin will continue improving the next months the way it did during the past few months. Hmm regarding the chest pains, I also hope they will disapear the next weeks. But you're probably right, you should let it check by the doc if it doesn't get better. Hope its nothing serious.



  8. Hi guys,

    Sorry haven't been here for a long time. Dunno if anyone is still reading my log here. But I've some good news to report. So I thought it might be interesting for all of you, who are just starting their accutane course. I'm now 2 months post-accutane and I'm glad to report that I have seen some really nice improvements on my skin the last month. My complexion has almost changed back to normal. Only a few red marks left. But I'm sure they will also fade the next months. All the side-effects I was struggling with have also disappeared. Man I can tell you something, its pretty great not to need this damn chapstick every 5 minutes anymore. The insomnia and the moodiness are also gone. In overall I feel like a thousands times better than the last months.

    Hey! To all of you who are just finishing their treatment. I noticed that the first 4-5 weeks after I popped my last pill, my skin got a bit worse again. I dunno what those breakouts were caused by but I want to tell you that you shouldn't worry too much about it. Maybe its cos our skin has to re-adjust to the new condition or something. Now everything is fine again. And my skin is still improving day by day.

    Last of all, I want to thank all of you guys who were reading my log. I had to go through really hard times with all the side-effects etc. This year wasn't easy. But I'm happy that I made this log by what I was able to meet all of you wonderful people. Thanks for all the support. I really hope you all will get what you deserve! CLEAR SKIN!!!! Sooner or later the accutane will do its job.

    Take care!


    p.s maybe I'll upload some pics the next days. Though, I think I've to see a hairdresser first :D

  9. Hi guys. It's been a while. I'm now almost 2 weeks post accutane. The good thing is that my lips are almost back to normal again. So not that much chapstick needed anymore. The bad thing is that I got a new zit near my jawline. That frightens me a bit. I really hope the acne will not come back. But in summary I've to say that my skin looks pretty good. Well, I think the accutane did a good job on me. Though that doesn't mean that I would go on a second course if needed. I don't think I could go through all of this again. Maybe I'll post some post-tane pics the next days.

    Hope you're doing fine guys.

    Take care!


  10. kanmi: Hey thanks for your comment kanmi. I read your log and I really hope you will also see a major improvement the next weeks. Keep up the good work. All the Best!

    corrine: Hi corrine, its great to hear news from you. I missed you here. I really hope that everything is alright. But I assume that the lack of posting means that you feel much better about everything. When will you finish you course? I'm looking for an update of your log..Ok enjoy your weekend. :D

    Hi cj!

    I haven't been around for... forever. Just wanted to say hi! Yay for passing all of your exams!

    I have a riddle for you.... well not really a riddle, but you know... see if you can figure it out... 10SNE1?

    Love ya! L

    haha I got it. :lol: I think that 10SNE1 (tennis anyone) would probably be my vanity plate..lol..Too bad that we don't have vanity plates here in Germany. :doubt: Hey how is post tane life? Hope you enjoy it. I've only 4 days left. YAY.. :D Take care!

    Hi guys,

    Just a quick update. So only 4 days left..YAY..Can't wait to go off the drug. I'm really looking forward to it. Next week most of the classes at university will start again. My new timetable is crazy. But anyways I'm sure I can do it. :D

    skin update: There is not much to report. I think the only thing which changed over the last weeks is that the red marks are fading. I haven't had a zit for maybe 2 months. That's absolutely fantastic. Only problem are those 3 deep obvious scars on my right cheek. I hope they will improve a bit after I've finished my course. Side-effects are still the same. Nothing you can't handle..

    Thanks for reading guys. Have a nice weekend everyone.


  11. Hi guys,

    Wow its getting lonely here. I think most of the people I started with have already finished their treatment.--> Good luck to you all. I also have only 10 days left and I'm really glad about it. I'm trying to enjoy everyday at the moment before the next semester at university starts. Hey I've all my exam results by now and I've passed all seven. I'm very pleased with it. I also started tennis again after a 2 year break. On Friday was the first practise. Was exhausting but it was so much fun. I think slowly I'm getting more outgoing again.


    No new pimples for 2 months or so. Only 2-3 clogged pores on my left cheek and some red marks on my right cheek left. And unfortunately 2-3 obvious scars on my right cheek also. Altogether my skin looks great and I feel so much better about my appeareance. There is this one mirror in the restroom at university. I always tried to not look in it cos my skin looked so terrible cos the lighting is so unfavourable. But last time my skin looked pretty good in it. That was a great feeling.

    side-effects:Only problem are my lips. One day they look gross the other day its ok. The eczema on my arms have become tons better. I think its cos the weather here isn't that hot anymore. Nosebleeds have disappeared completely.

    Thanks for reading guys.


  12. Hey man,

    Whoa only 5 days left that's awesome. I think I've 13 days left now..haha.. ;) lol you had 25 bottles of beer the other day? I bet that was a fun weekend..lol.. :lol: Hey I'm really jealous of you cos in Australia the summer is comming up and here in Germany the autumn. Anyways I really hope you can enjoy your summer with crystal clear skin. And don't worry the red marks will fade quickly once your off the drug..



  13. Hey cj, thanks for the comment. I just started reading your log not long ago and had a question - Did your dermatologist recommend staying on accutane for the 225 days (seems long) or is that something you wanted to do because you were still breaking out? Sorry if this was answered pages back, but there's 16 of them to go through!!

    Hmm NO in the beginning my course was planned for about 4 months. But I was on a pretty low dose and the improvement wasn't that great after 2-3 months so me and my derm decided to increase the dose and to extend the course for an indefinite period. She said we should decide from appt. to appt. how long I should continue my treatment. And I think I would have had the opportunity to stop 3 weeks ago. But I told her that I would feel more comfortable to continue for one more month. Now I've only 15 days left and I'm really glad that I'll finish then. :D



  14. Hey Dyne,

    I'm sorry to hear about the new breakout etc. But hey as you know the accutane needs time to work. I know its easier said than done but I know exactly how it feels to get breakouts even after 45 days of treatment. Try to focus on the goal. In the end it'll be worth all the trouble.. :D

    Cheer up!