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  1. Yes i stopped in last december for a month and from january to now March, i had the worst time in my life. Breakouts got so much worst then i used to have
  2. How did you apply it? And did you skip all the other routines (cleansing and moisturizing) and just apply this everyday?
  3. At first i wasn't sure that i was breaking out due to dryness or what so i was sticking to the daily routine on using the regimen (cleanser + 2 pumps b.p + moisturizer). Slowly as the weather here gets colder and dryer, my skin became really dry (skin peeling off at my jawline and chin area) and breaking out alot at both sides. Therefore i was really worried but not sure whether it is due to the weather. Anyone here with similar experience as mine while using the regimen??
  4. Hi. I am a malaysian currently living in Macau. I have always been suffering from jawine cystic acne where the regimen didn't really work for me only at the jawline and chin area. But since january where it is winter here in Macau, i got the most terrible time of my life. The BP got my skin really really dry and my skin is peeling off, became really itchy, and in the end left me with several deep under the skin cystic breakouts at both side of my jawline + chin at the same time. It has been 2 mo
  5. I have been suffering from acne for almost 10 years since i was 14. Most (90%) of my acne are big bumps of cystic acne at my jawline acne + chin and lips area. I had never have clear jawline before for the past few years. There will always be at least one big cystic acne and my jawline area and also below my ears. Its like these acne take their turn to grow on each side of my jawline and upper neck area. I have been using acne.org regimen for half a year last year, it helped for most parts of