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  1. combination of things create a unique mixed fruit acid complex is what this product says. Am I better off just dealing with an exfoliate scrub. But then again is this the same thing as an exfoliate scrub? or not.
  2. I have this product called an age-defying skin renewal mask. Company is borghese. Are skin renewal masks the same as exfoliators?
  3. Sorry dont have time to read the whole post but judging form the topic itself. complete utter fucking bullshit. altho ill have to agree in some cases acne isnt a big deal. like going out to buy food. or asking for directions. but .... go anywhere, and stand in sunlight infront of a beautiful girl;you covered with acne, redspots, oily skin and try and flirt with em. see where that takes you. as opposed to no acne, redspots, or oily skin.
  4. Now I wont take the advice not to not fall in love with your friend,. i just wont. but ok hrm many people seem to say its ok. so ill have to think on my final answer on this.
  5. ? Like me and her are totally friends. and was just wondering if thats ok. is that like unhonorable, or illegitament?
  6. yes. i admit it. yes i am shoving my manside to the side to say that. altho i dont think it has anythin to do with manliness to not say this. Its just a lot fucking harder with acne and crappy skin. for fucks sakes.
  7. what? whered that come from. anywho....... (I quoted rIGHT ON A cmplte side noTE) MEMEMEMEMEMMEEMMEE