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  1. Hello and welcome! Many of us here are experiencing the initial outbreak as well, so don't feel that you're alone! Try to avoid humid places lest the inflammation worsens! Personally, one cup of green tea per day is helping slightly in terms of calming my skin (I suffer from a little redness around my T zone), so maybe you might want to give it a shot. Nevertheless, trust in this pill and don't lose hope when you're experiencing darker days! Cheers!
  2. Day 9 Woke up with this huge whitehead on the tip of my nose. And when I say huge, it's really huge. Funny how this round of low dose makes me breakout on my nose so often, I've never really had breakouts on my nose anymore after I hit 20 years of age. Resisted the urge to pop this guy, so I dabbed a little Origins Anti-Blemish solution and it's looking so much better now. Wise choice i'd say, or I'd risk adding yet another crater to my nose area. The rest of the whiteheads around my cheeks
  3. Hey there! I'm experiencing IB as well on a low dose so I can definitely relate to your situation. Remember to resist popping those buggers or risk scarring! I'd be rooting for your progress Cheers
  4. Day 8 It's the weekends! But.. my face's still as bad and I've pushed away two meetups just to coop at home. I feel really bad for doing this to my friends but it's depressing to go out in my current condition. Took another pill and lots of water today. Currently, my right cheek and nose are the worst - primarily the whiteheads and blackheads. Right cheek is extremely oily and pores are really really obvious. Oil production doesn't seem to be going down. Shall do some studying at home instea
  5. Hey Crimson! Remember not to pick your skin! When I was your age, I tend to pick them and it has caused immense damage/scarring especially to tender areas such as the nose. Now i'm left with very noticeable atrophic scars around my nose and trust me, I'd do whatever it takes to turn time back and slap my former self for doing that. Take deep breaths, lie on your bed and trust that tomorrow will be THE day your skin gets better. Being on this pill will definitely eliminate the acne, now y
  6. Hey buddy, good luck on your journey! I'd be rooting for you and your progress
  7. @Ted93 Hello Ted! Yes, I wouldn't say it's all that bad. I rarely break out in cysts but it's the persistent whiteheads around the nose and T zone area that is bugging me. So I assume that's why my derm left me on 20mg per week. I requested for Accutane mainly to keep my oily skin under control as well (less oily skin = less noticeable pores). Anyway, I hope you're doing fine with 80mg and not getting the dreaded side effects! I'm sure we'll come out the better of this at the end of the tunn
  8. Day 6 Many of the bumps are forming to whiteheads now and overall texture still feels really bumpy. Resisting the urge to pop another pill tonight before turning in. Am taking the pills on Sat and Tues currently. Today was a good day though, work went smoothly and I learnt a great deal and had many doubts cleared. Just hoping for the best for these whiteheads to clear off by tomorrow. Goodnight everyone
  9. Day 5 My skin is horrendous today. It feels so bumpy underneath and the bumps I've mentioned has doubled its amount and are creeping as whiteheads. Could this be IB that everyone's mentioning? Strange that I've been on Acnotin 3x weekly prior to this and had no such problem. I'm just leaving the skin as it is and shall apply some Aknemycin Plus later on before turning in. A long day today and tomorrow as well. Fingers crossed for these pesky whiteheads/bumps to subside
  10. Hello everyone, My name's Jay and I used to frequent this site years ago when I was plagued with acne. The support here has been fantastic and I felt really at home here with many words of encouragement. Fast forward the few years, my battle with acne persisted and though it has gotten much better, I'm left with remnants of the hard fought war (large pores, icepicks, redness and uneven skin tone). To sum it up a little more, I applied for a job as a cabin attendant in a very prestigious air