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x_beautifully broken_x

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    love. making out. friends. talking on the phone. boys. running in the rain. clubbing. partying. staying up all night. thinking about memories. being stupid, and smart at the same time. music. rock. ne-yo. guitars. sleeping. camping. swimming in the ocean. being with people you care about. family. travling the world. singing fun songs. singing sad songs. taking showers with all your clothes on. keeping it real. eyeliner. mascara. red lipstick. cherrys. shopping. topshop. vingtage things. pasta. candy. brushing my teeth. being clean. sented candles. dim lighting. comfy pillows. flirting. myspace. fashion. degin. painting. being creative. going to disney world. being sexy. loving someone. caring about someone. thinking. dreaming. day dreaming. being religious. having a faith in something, or someone. lollipops. lots of people. dont like gossip. everything that is enjoyable. && stars, hearts ♥
  1. x_beautifully broken_x

    me && friends.

    pics of by besties and i