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  1. My history is acne since about age 13, I'm now 28.. Been on and off antibiotics up until age 23 when I about gave up. Tried accutane at age 16 with little effect. I also suspect accutane for kicking off my early mpb.. I want to see a derm, but have kind of lost faith in them, as the ones I have visited always seemed to think inside the box. They never entertained the idea that they would have to do some kind of testing to see if I have some kind of condition...
  2. I still get quite a bit of acne, although perhaps not as deep and infected as I used to.. But having this problem for 15 years and male pattern baldness on top of that makes me think there has to be a fix for both of them.. Different derms never bothered to examine me further, they just gave me antibiotics...
  3. Any input? Should I pursue laser therapy? Also, will another stint of accutane make matters worse?
  4. Has nothing else about CORA come up ? South Korea is huge on cosmetic surgery, one would think they had a superior method...
  5. @jayjay786: thanks man.. The photos are taken in the worst kind of light where you get the shadows on the scars.. In a dimly lit room it doesnt look that bad, but I'm getting tired of avoiding the light.. What are my best options to investigate? Cora therapy? Lasers? @5beauty: i usually have some stubble on my face which helps, but I miss being able to shave down neatly.. To top it all off my MPB is getting worse and worse...
  6. Why yes I have, perhaps ten years ago.. I suspect this is part of the reason for my premature MPB..
  7. Awesome looking skin! A true inspiration..
  8. Hello everyone, I've been lurking on these boards for years, as I've pretty much given up all hope. Now I feel like making a last ditch effort at having my face fixed, so I've registered and uploaded some pictures. Can anyone tell me what my options are with these scars? Who do I talk to? I'm a 28 yo male, not 70 like I look.. Pictures are taken in flat light outdoors to show the worst condition. Note also the wrinkles. What do I do??
  9. endofme

    My disasesterous situation

    I am 28, looking 70. Someone please help point me in the right direction!