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  1. hey Dave, sick skin, Sorry for not respond for a while. Been busy Good to hear tat u guys' acne problem is getting better. Keep ur faith, continue with B5, and must maintain it eventhough u have get rid of all ur pimples. And dont be desperate to start with scar treatment, wait till ur face is totally clear of acne. And REMEMBER for scar/redness, dont use HIDROQUINON or KOJIC ACID. IMO. Well, tat's from my expereince......esp if u live in tropical country. Sunlight with react with those chem
  2. Hey Dave, Impatience is one of the factors tat coz acne! Well, it took me 2-3 months to get clear from acnes. I started b5 back in Jan, and now on maintenance dose. Trust me, u will regret if u quit now. I suffered serious acne for years. Nothing worked for me (had tried almost everything other than Accutane). Till i found b5. And i was one of the less fortunate group tat all acne flushed out during the first 2 months. They aint just on my face, but my whole body. But hey, i waited. And now
  3. Please guys, make Accutane as ur last resort!! Try B5 first!! It REALLY works !! /
  4. Btw, do not give u easily. I have a REALLY SERIOUS breakout for the first few weeks when i was on b5, all over my body!!! #-o But it recover gradually, u need time!!
  5. u should stop to use the BP. B5 cause oil reduction. [-X If u use BP at the same time, ur face would be too dry. The best thing u can apply on ur face is the B5 topical gel from ACNEMIRACLE. it help to clear ur acne faster when u use together with B5. But tat's not compulsory. B5 alone would be enuf, but u may need to add up ur dosage. I started with BIG dosages, dint measure it, but i mixed one teasppon with a 1500ml bottle every time and i drink up to 7-8 bottle a day at the beginning. Well,
  6. Hi, I came across this website seven months ago. Well, as a severe acne surferer, i tried out Dan regimen. The results is great. Just.... the amount of the BP cream Dan used was too much for my case. THis cream caused dryness and hyperpigmentation, especially i live in a tropical country. So, i stopped it once but the acne were backed almost instanly. In order for me to reduce the amount of BP, i added other items in my regimen. And YES, try this, you won't regret!! 1. Wash your face with