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  1. Hello, My acne is pretty moderate. I have no huge bump or anything, its just a few tiny tiny bumps. Like the bumps are the same color as my skin, and some are red, but they are very very small. Does anybody know what tyep of medication or cleanser works best for this?
  2. Hello, I have recently seen benzoyl peroxide in 2.5% amounts, 5% amounts, and 10% amounts. What are the differences between the three? Which one works well than the other? Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks all for the help, Im going to first go with AcneFree, due to its strong BP.
  4. *SIGH* IF only we can wake up with the best skin in the world. some people have better skin than others, you just have to move along, and go with your life.
  5. Well these 2 are among the most popular anti-acne system's out right now. If anybody has tried both, which one has better results?
  6. Ahh thanks. Yeah, That face mask was pretty good, but I only had it for a trial. Thanks, and is acnefree really crap? I havent tried it yet.
  7. Hey guys, Well, I bought proACTIV a few weeks ago, and acnefree also. I know how to use them both, but I want to know the definitive way. For proactiv, I put on the renewing cleanser, the toner, and then i wait for about 20minutes to put on the repair lotion. does anybody here know the correct way, on how to apply all 3? As in, how much time do you have to wait in order to put the repair lotion after the toner? same thing goes for acnefree. If anybody can help, its much appreciated, th