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  1. Hi, I would agree on Maybelline's powder-foundation also. I think, it fits my skin needs. However, for other skin types , I suggest that you should consult your dermatologist first.
  2. I guess it really depends on your skin type but I'm glad that abstaining from caffeine worked for you. Different skins, different remedies so let's just hope that we could all find the perfect remedy to our acne.
  3. If you can, switch to a different birth control. I was also on Ortho and it not only caused significant hair loss but mood swings, anxiety and full-blown panic attacks. Plus, if you're unsure whether your hair loss is caused by Accutane or the BC, at least switching to a diff kind will give you an answer. If your hair is still falling out, maybe it's time to talk to your derm about lowering your Accutane dose. It's not you!! All birth controls are made differently and every woman responds d
  4. Does wiping egg yolk on your face help prevent acne & blackheads? If not, what exactly does this regimen do?
  5. Sun screen protection is recommended especially during summer to prevent skin cancer. One of the few that I know is to apply lotion and moisturizers with SPF 50 or SPF 30 respectively. This SPF is a measure to prevent UVB from damaging our skin.
  6. Hi, Acne are common skin problems that can be found in multiples at face , back, and neck. Among the vitamins that has been prescribed by dermatologist before is Vitamin A.