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  1. Hey guyx, Just want to know if I can leave Dan's BP in the fridge? Thanks, Mon D.
  2. To be honest its completely up to you. Which do you think its good for you or better for you? Or that suita you are your needs? My history of picking different cleansers, toner, cream, etc, is a long one. I have to many face products that I hide under my facial drawer that I dont use anymore. Now I decided to stick to one that benefits me most and stop thinking about other facial products. Lol. Hope I helped you decide.
  3. I would go for sensitive. Both will benefit you in the long run, but if your worried, Sensitive is a good way to go. Yiu can always return it and exchange?
  4. Both probably. For me I didnt have light acne, I had very very light acne so i barely had. However I wanted to prevent acne from forming so i tried it. The result were very good. I did get dry for the first few weeks and my skin was peeling. I got pimple here and there but never massive. You have to follow the rules as the way Dan explains it. One thing though, use a different moisturizer cuz for some reason the moisturizer gave me brown patches everytime i use it. And apply AHA after 3-4 weeks
  5. If it is I will follow it. Morning - Glycolic Facial Cleanser: Glycolic Acid at 4.9% removes surface impurities. Calendula, Chamomile and Aloe Vera nourish and soothe. Vitamins A, C and E nourish and protect. -Vit E Serum -Dan's BP - Vit E 15 Spf Facial Moisturizer Night - Glycolic Facial Cleanser: Glycolic Acid at 4.9% removes surface impurities. Calendula, Chamomile and Aloe Vera nourish and soothe. Vitamins A, C and E nourish and protect. - Vit E Serum -Dan's BP - Vit E M
  6. You can try the Regimen for back acne. It worked on so many people - I have been reading and watching videos of reviewers - but it takes time to actually see difference. Or you could go to Derm? I fear they might prescribe you something harsh and affect you face skin. Let me know what you think! You should stop applying anything on those pimp for now. You seem to get more, the more you apply.
  7. Hello guys, I needed help of picking a good or best vitamin supplements or brand. I've been thinking about it and decided to consume vitamin tablets that will help my skin looking good. However, I'm kind of new to this and have no idea how to start. Would you guys reccomend me something to start with and how much intake and stuff like that? Thank you P.S. I also dont have enough food intake since I barely eat.
  8. Hello, I get small pimples here and there and they just fade away. My skin seems to be darker too but once the dead skin goes away ill be lighhter again. I'm also facing some peeling and its not so ok but I'm going to keep going with the regimen until I clear up. other than that nothing burns anymore . Hope you do well in yours! I'm also planning to add the AHA and see how that goes.
  9. Hello and welcome, I' m currently in my third week and I doing good so far. The moisturizer is good for me too. It cooled my face down after a few times of use and was so happy about it. But I changed my routine to applying bp once a day now since I barely get break outs since the very beginning. :> And yes always take the regimen slowly even though you've used bp before. I hope you do good on the regimen!! Good luck!
  10. You can try "The R egimen," it work wonders for me. Although I dont have tons of acne I've always watched youtubers and they're experience with it. Its really good and I myself is trying it out and currently in the third week. But before you try it, make sure to look at the reviews and its "going to happen", so you are prepared. It also has intructions for back acne and stuff. Hope this helps.
  11. Hello, Yes I did see my skin tone come back, but not right away. Even now I still have some un-even skin tone but its completely alright. My family too did say that I look sick but I wasnt, it was just the medicine and they also told me to stop but I didnt. Now I have less break out and I only get small ones. To be honest with you, you have to be really patient, it not magic, it takes time. And for the redness give it some time for your face to get use to the BP. You have to make sure you fo
  12. For me Jojobo Oil gave me a little break out but the subsided over time; the more I used it the more I got used to it. Its great it makes my skin look like fresh. But while I was still on the first week of the regimen I didnt really have Jojobo oil which I should have bought with the pack but I forgot. So, its helped me cover some flakiness and it helps in the process. My skin did look oily but heck its helping me so I got nothing to loose.
  13. Hello, Please dont give up! I'm was exactly at your position: got darker skin tone, red, and break outs. But I kept at it and when the skin started peeling off thats when I realized something was different with that part of my skin and it was the best sight I've ever seen my face was. It may seem that some dark spots are getting darker but it will get better when the skin starts to peel off, trust me on this one. I know it sucks going out and having to face people but just dealt with it for n
  14. Hello, My name is Mon, and I started the regimen on Friday May 16, 2014. But before I start going through the phases I'll just explain my before state and now. When I was young till 19 i didnt really have pimples, I have 1 pimple a year and thats about it. But when I started hitting 20 my cheeks were mostlly aimed and got like 5 pimples and stuff. They are gone now and they just left hyper pigmentation even though I never picked on them. Both of my cheeks have these hyper pigmentation and th
  15. Hello, Let me introduce myself. I' am a male and I'm 20 years old and I dont really have massive acne problems just my cheek area with blemishes and pimple marks. I barely touch my face, actually I dont even touch it cuz I know its bad for my skin. I NEVER pump my pimples ever, nor do I pick on it what so ever, and I always drink water. So right now I'm just updating. I tried so many products to be honest that I'm really going to cry if I start recalling them. I got feed up with everything a