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  1. Hi, I have been taking minocycline for 2 years now and have decided to begin tapering off. So far I have gone every other day for a month and now I'm going to start taking it Monday and Thursday only for another month. My problem is on December 18, I am going to have surgery to remove my wisdom teeth. I have to take 2 500mg tabs of Amoxicillin the morning of the surgery. Will this affect my tapering off in any way? Will I have a bloom of acne bacteria after? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi, this is kind of a random question, but i'm paranoid so i need to make sure. I use a benzoyl peroxide cleanser that i put on a washcloth and wipe my face with. After I'm done I try to wash as much of the benzoyl peroxide out of the washcloth as I can, but the washcloth is pretty thick so there is probably still some deep down in the washcloth.. My question is, can I put this washcloth in the washing machine with other towels without the benzoyl peroxide transferring and staining the other tow
  3. So I was doing some research and I read somewhere that taking minocycline if you are under the age of 9 can stunt growth. Even though I was 17 when I started taking minocycline and am 19 now, I have got it in my head that somehow minocycline is stopping me from growing. Can someone please tell me I'm crazy and explain why it doesn't stunt growth in people over 9 years old?
  4. Hi, I've been on minocycline for 2 years and a few months now (not healthy I know) with pretty good results. I'm also on tazorac. I've tried getting off minocycline in the past and have had my acne return but I would usually quickly return to the minocycline and things would eventually return to normal. But lately I've been reading alot of negative things about minocycline and I really want to try to get off of it for good. So my question is, does anybody have any suggestions for things to do
  5. Is there a product I can buy that is just like a textured cotton pad but with no medication on it, just the plain pad? Something like the pads from the Stridex Dual Solutions: http://www.stridex.com/DualSolutionsPoreControl.htm I've been able to find just cotton pads but none of them were textured enough or they are too thick and suck all my cleanser in. Preferably something I can find at the store.
  6. I've actually thought of the exact same thing (the surgeon one) during some of my more desperate times lol. i'm sure it would be quite a popular procedure
  7. Does anyone here use Zoderm Redi-Pads? The company that distributed them was recently bought out by another company and now someone else manufactures the pads. Every since this switch they don't work near as well for me as they used to and I'm starting to break out again. Its very frustrating because I finally found something that worked and now I feel like I'm back at square one. Anyone else having the same problem?
  8. I just got prescribed triaz 6% pads and I'm wondering if anyone has had success or not with them. I really wanted the cleanser because I've heard good things about it on this website, but they insisted I use the pads first because of the exfoliation. Basically I really hopes this works because these things are not inexpensive.
  9. Can you use Triaz 6% benzoyl peroxide cleanser along with tazorac? Like wash with triaz and then wait thirty minutes and apply tazorac? I'm just asking this because I've heard that benzoyl peroxide counteracts retinoids so just wondering if this is ok.
  10. Do you guys wash your hands with soap before washing your face? I'm just wondering if washing my hands with just warm water would be good enough or if I need to use soap. I mainly just don't like the soap I have as it has a strong fragrance and I don't want any of it to get on my face and break me out.
  11. Hi, I was prescribed zoderm redi-pads along with tazorac. The zoderm redi-pads have benzoyl peroxide on them, and I am supposed to wash my face with them 2x a day. I've heard that you should not use tazorac and benzoyl peroxide together, but as long as I wash off the bp from the redi-pads should it be ok?
  12. Hi I was prescribed the Zoderm Redi-Pads 6.5% for my acne. Does anyone know if you are supposed to wash your face with soap first and then use the pads, or should I just use the pads only?
  13. I'm using tazorac .05% and every time I scratch my face there is always some dead skin cells coming off. What is a good way to get these all off?
  14. I had a few questions regarding probiotics. I am on minocycline for acne and I would like to supplement with probiotics, and I was wondering if someone could recommend a brand or give me some things to look for in the supplements. I was also wondering how many pills to take each day and when to take them so the antibiotics don't kill them all. One last question, can you take probiotics at the same time as vitamin c? Thanks.