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  1. I just came back from the weekend with the girl. It went well, we liked eachother and kissed allot . She's 6'2' or 1.87m tall, and I am about 6'9' or 2.04m. We make a nice couple
  2. Well if u read it all u would have seen that I posted a outside picture after the comment of Syn1122.
  3. I'll let you know how the date went next week.
  4. In response of Syn1122 I made some new pictures outside without flash, with the sun on my face... It might show the problem more... Does anyone have MSN? Wanna add me? Send a PM with your e-mail. This is the photo outside without flasht: http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i224/Hessel1/ff.jpg
  5. Yeah I have a insecurity problem. But going on a date is exiting, so I want to look perfect. I bought new clothes allready and got a haircut... I hope she'll like me
  6. I'm going on a date next week and that's why I might be worried. I just want to look good. I just hope the red marks won't be noticed by the girl.
  7. Yeah im going to get a haircut toomorrow . The moles suck, I got them like 2 weeks ago just out of nowhere , really sucks so bad. What could have caused them? Any more honest opinions about the second photo?
  8. I guess i'll try to think about it more lightly.
  9. This is about the worst picture of my marks I could make... Opinions? http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i224/Hessel1/ssss.jpg
  10. I ditnt't I've had bad acne to, just like some of u, that's why I got prescribed Roaccutane. My back was one ugly mothafucker. And my face had mild acne. It's just that I still have to deal with the insecurity it left on me.
  11. Hello, I've been posting my red marks left after Roaccutane before and people told me it's nothing and my skin looks good. The red marks still bother me and I really wonder if people see them the way I do, when I look into the mirror I immediately see the red marks. I'll post a picture once more and I'd like to hear your honest opinion about my skin. This is the link for the picture: http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i224/Hessel1/P5290035.jpg Could tanning worsen this? I've been doing
  12. I will try some tanning. I'm also using aloe vera gel now...its 98% tough..
  13. Well i'm not happy with it. I can't help it that some of you have skin worse then mine. I'd just like to get rid of what's left. I don't want to rub salt in peoples wounds, but I still don't feel right with the skin I have. Should I do some tanning?
  14. Well the acne hasn't been really bad on the face...I mostly had red marks just like now. Only more and they were darker red. Altough my back was filled with acne and some cysts to...that sucked big time. The accutane dit a good job for my back...no acne left on my back and no red marks...just the red marks in the face stayed... And on the picture it doesn't look as bad as in real life for my opinion. I don't have a picture from before...sorry
  15. Well it seems it always looks better on pictures then it really is. In real life they look worse for my opinion. Any advice?