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  1. Things are looking great for me: I've got tickets to a concert from one of my favourite bands, which is great. It's even better that the girl whoI like will also be there and we have decided to enjoy the concert together. We will both be there with friends so it won't be intimate or anything but it's a solid first step. And last but not least: I'm getting my facial/peeling in 2 days, and the concert is a couple of days later so I won't have to worry about my skin I've had this info for a c
  2. At the moment it's not that terrible, but this is exactly how my acne started before, little clogged pores pop out of nowhere and after a few weeks they all decide to inflame at the same time. I just get anxious that it's all going to start all over again. I'm the kind of person who's more obsessed over the details than over the bigger picture. I could deal with the real acne, it certainly affected me (but a whole lot less) but these smaller blemishes drive me insane. I'm feeling better today
  3. I woke up feeling kinda 'meh' about it. Better than the last days, but still feeling down and neglecting everything other than my skin. However it changed when I decided to update my skin diary. I took some pictures and one of them really showed these clogged pores. I feel disgusting. My skin is deteriorating and there's nothing I can do about it. Accutane didn't cure me apparently. I'm closer to giving up than I've ever been. I think I'm just going to avoid people until I can get help on the
  4. Believe me, I'll be 19 in 10 days, we aren't all airbrushed. I'm already on a diet and I can't just get any decent peeling since I'm coming off accutane. I'm getting one anyways, but it's supervised by a dermatologist so I guess I'll just trust her. Doing one by myself seems like a stupid idea in my situation.
  5. I had a knee injury when I was younger and the muscles ended up being damaged. Now I have to wear a brace or walk around like a penguin with a cane (if you know the tv series 'house md', that's how I walk without my brace, my friends call me 'house' sometimes because of that and my personality). It's not really a disability, with the brace I can go running and do everything I want, but when I can't wear it because it's too warm outside or because my skin needs to breath I can feel people staring
  6. My Paula's Choice BHA samples arrived, I'm still unsure whether I'm going to use them or not. I'm so looking forward to the 12th of august so I can finally get these clogged pores removed. I took effaclar duo out of my routine since I don't have redness anymore and the pore unclogging aspect of it doesn't work for me anyways. Scrubbing helps to exfoliate my skin but it also makes the clogged pores more visible... It always gets worse before it gets better... *sigh* My mood comes with ups and do
  7. Adding an extra moisturizer to my routine seems to be working. I'm feeling hopeful. Also had a fun day at the beach, I'm just hoping that the sunscreen did its job.
  8. No you're not an abomination! Your 'friend' was very rude and disrespectful. Don't let your skin stop you from doing things, you're awesome! My skin is looking great, but I have no idea how I did it: I had a party at my place because I was home alone, I drink waaaaaay too much liquor and then everything turned black. I woke up this morning on my couch, not remembering a thing. I called my friend and apparently I've been lying in the grass for a long time (while vomiting...) and for
  9. I'm in the same situation, however I've noticed that some people just really don't care. Go for it man! I have the exact same feeling that my chances would be better with clear skin, but see it as a test: if skin is the only thing standing between you and her she might not be the right girl for you. I'm doing OK I guess, some of my clogged pores are surfacing into tiny pimples and I'm kinda happy about it. These clogged pores have been there for more than a month but once they turn into a pi
  10. I ordered the Paula's Choice 1% and 2% BHA samples anyways, I'm not sure if I will use them. But if the peeling doesn't work I'll ask for retin-a, if that isn't an option I can still use these. I should have gone with AHA I think but they were out of samples and clogged pores aren't my only problem.
  11. @leelowe1 Don't let it isolate you. Things will get better! You have my support. For me these last days of partying, hot sweaty weather, low sleep, less water, more alcohol, and sun (even with sunscreen) have taken their toll on my skin. Existing blemishes are more noticeable and some new ones popped up. It's a shame that I need to 'pay the price' for a couple of fun days, but I comfort myself with the thought that the blemishes will fade but that the memories will remain The bad thing is
  12. I'll probably end up leaving it all alone. I didn't really exfoliate or scrub so that may have caused them. So hopefully I can get them removed and then keep scrubbing and they stay away. I don't want to use retin a because I really don't want to start purging again, if my acne comes back I dive straight back to accutane.
  13. Hi, I have these clogged pores on my face which are really visible in "contrast lighting", here's a picture: http://imgur.com/a/kK7kg (The picture is decent, things are worse in real. If I look tired: that's because I am). I'm getting a peeling/extraction in 3 weeks but I'd like to improve these things in the meantime. Here's what I'm already doing: - Washing my face with Boreade CL, 2 times/day :a washing creme for oily/combination skin - Effaclar duo plus, 2 times/day : a creme to corre
  14. The beautician told me I had great skin with nice closed pores and that my closed comedones aren't that bad
  15. Feeling good. Partied with friends, at one point my friend showed interest in the girl dancing next to us. He didn't really have the confidence to talk to her, so i helped a bit by talking to her first. Eventually she gave her number to my friend but then she also gave it to me and ended up talking to me for a while. The flashing lights were terrible, even some flaws showed up on my perfect-skinned friends, so i couldn't even imagine my own face.However i was happy the entire night and acted con