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  1. no don't mix them or use them at the same time, it will just result in a higher occurrence of irritation which will most likely lead to severe peeling which is never a good thing.
  2. Nothing in life is ever truly consistent I say just wait, its normal for it to fluctuate like that.
  3. BP doesn't make my face feel sticky at all, esp after it dries. So I also agree that its the moisturizer.
  4. I also have skin that is prone to oiliness. After applying any moisturizer, its fine for some hours [3-4] but after that my skin gets oilier than it would if I didn't apply moisturizer. [i've used Cetaphil, Complex 15, Dan's, random Avon ones lol] I had to stop using Complex 15 since it was causing some black heads/white heads and also it it leaves this separate layer on top of your skin that just feels weird. Now I just stopped using them all together, and just rely on a moisturizing cleanse
  5. Yup, the area around the eyes is a danger zone whenever you are applying topicals to your face. You really should only put lotion made for around your eyes, around your eyes. Careful when spreading moisturizer, as the moisturizer you use on the other parts of your face (cheeks. forehead) will have some benzoyl peroxide in it. Just wash your hands and get a tiny amount of lotion directly from the bottle to put around ure eyes.
  6. Yeah I noticed this as well. I had to stop wearing under shirts, since that was just making me over heat abit. This only happens to me though when I wear a moisturizer, but I still don't mind. I just use a paper towel to gentle dab whenever this happens.
  7. I would recommend following Wyne's advice first: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...=166343&hl= And if that doesn't work, at least when you pop the pimple apply a sterile bandaid with antibiotic ointment to the oozing zit. That way you minimize the spread of the infectious stuff that is leaking out.
  8. No, keep the moisturizer at night. Dry skin will actually make acne worse. Depending on how long you have been on the regimen you might want to look into using an AHA lotion. But seeing how you say Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser dries you out...I'm not really sure if the AHA will help or just make your situation worse :-/ Oh and I would recommend switching to Dan's BP, I used On the Spot for about half a year before I switched, and I never went back to the stuff. I think Dan's BP is more effective,
  9. Thursday my order of Alpha Hydrox 10% AHA lotion came. I unscrewed the cap off the bottle to check it, and then when I was screwing the cap back on I was shocked with static electricity lol I then touched the bottle again, and it happened again. So I just said "let me just wait til later" Like 4 hours later, its time to try it out and I get shocked when I pop the cap. I try again one more time, and I manage to pop the top but then the lotion itself shocked me! I even saw the little blue spark!
  10. oh, you're really young Hope for the best results with tane
  11. I haven't heard of it making people pale, I don't see how it could either....
  12. If you let your acne control if you want to have kids or not then that is just letting acne take over another part of your life. Acne is a problem, but it isn't life threatening. Imagine what couples who have had a family history of cancers and genetic diseases have to worry about when considering to have children. Acne is treatable, especially if it is caught early. I say, if you are considering children and have had a history of severe acne, the only thing you should watch out for is to be
  13. If its something that looks like it needs to be popped, I still don't pop it. Covering it with a bandaid and some antibiotic ointment makes it "pop" on its own in a more controlled way. If you need to pop pimples then you shouldn't pop any of them. Just leave them alone. One other way to resist the urge is to avoid mirrors, and never touch your face unless your washing your face of course lol
  14. No it will not ruin its affect. at or close to 176 F though is when it starts to get affected by the heat, but I'm sure its not that hot outside or inside the box or it would ignite.