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  1. acne killerr

    Need Your Help?!

    Hi guys, Its been 3 weeks since I've been on the regimen.. I only use the products that Dan has recommended i.e cleanser, BP, and the moisturiser 2wice daily.. I tend to add a few drops of black seed oil to help with the dry skin which is really good to get rid of dark marks however it isn't doing a great job of getting rid of the flakiness.. I only apply the BP around the affected areas which is jawline and chin (which has cleared up now) so I only use half a fingers length of BP.. I live i
  2. acne killerr

    Problems With The Regimen

    Hi First of all, in order for this regimen to work to the best of its ability you have to use this treatment twice daily.. Missing days in between wouldn't really help as much you'd like it to. Dry skin is one of the biggest side effects this treatment has, however this can easily be treated by using jojoba oil added in your moisturiser. Flaky skin will appear during your first few weeks on the regimen however this will gradually get better as weeks go on. I'm on my 2nd week going on to my
  3. acne killerr

    2 Pumps Too Much?

    I think most people would use 2 pumps if their acne was scattered around the face instead of in just one area. I have a small face too but I just tent to treat the main effected area which is my chin and my jawline and for me 1 and a half is perfect I usually tend to use a whole fingers length at night occasionally.. Good Luck
  4. acne killerr



    Ive been using BP for exactly 2 weeks now along side with the cleaner and moisturiser (I add a bit of Black Seed oil to help with the dry skin- really helps) So far so good.. I've been having minor breakouts during the treatments however this doesn't put me off as this is expected anyway. I've had acne since I was 11 and now I'm 20. Its been a tough couple years esp when you wish you had clear skin like the rest of your mates but oh well... no time to feel sorry for yourself. My acne is mild and