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  1. Well its kinda hard to know when we got to see nothing.
  2. Wowcmon


    AHA wont help ur blackheads. U need BHA for that.
  3. Well It really depends. For me Im pretty much clear after maybe 1 month. But my case is really rare. U can give it a shot if u want to.
  4. Yep hard hard and hard at the start
  5. Canada Why cant we have a free shipping like USA I mean we're just beside u guys.
  6. I think Im a lucky one becuz I'm like 80-90% clear after maybe 1 month. But my acne isnt too sever. And i didnt even use there cleanser.
  7. Mix with moisturizer or by it self and take out the moisturizer. Use it maybe once 2 days. And if u just start the regimen. It is recommended to try AHA+ after 1 monthe on the regimen.
  8. even 2.5% for those never use it before will get u pretty dry LOL Think about when its 5% hard core on ur face LOL
  9. I read the TL;DR. And let me tell u the regimen at acne.org is really great the success rate are insanly high if u stick with it.
  10. Dont let the feeling destroy u. I know its hard with acne on ur face but this regimen really works.