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  1. A gallon is 3.79 liters of water. during 24 hour period thats good.
  2. Good for you man, thats really something. You are giving me hope too. your acne situation sounds a lot like mine, minues the so many products thats you've tryed. Plus, we have about the same age, and i think thats a factor too. I have yet to start on the regiment, but i will in about 2 weeks when my cousin goes back to greece. I feel my skin is ok now and cant risk any breakouts, but it could be better. Thanks for posting, you'll give a lot of people hope.
  3. I dont know if your right on whatever you said, but your right on one thing. plenty of water I have for the past 2-3 months drinking more and more water, around a gallon a day. sure i go a few more times in the restroom, but drinking water helps clean your system by flushing out wastes from your body. Skin is 1 of the secretory organs of your body, if your system inside the skin isnt clean, the skin will eventually secrete waste to a degree when you sweat because your system isnt flushed proper
  4. I want to try what your saying, but im not sure if i understand correctly, are you saying that you use only the lather from the centaphil bar to shave? and no shaving cream?
  5. Have you considered changing your razor, its probably the shaving that irritates your skin and it makes it red like that.
  6. Use Vaseline Intensive Care - Total Moisture dry skin lotion, it has vitamin E and some minerals, it has helped me with my redness. also, is your skin itching? if so, then you should definetly use it.
  7. when you dont shave, your sweat gets trapped on your facial hair, and you need to wash your face more. shaving makes your skin stronger and is easier to wash and much easier to apply any kind of lotion that your using, thats a fact.
  8. you cant see it in these pics because they were taken before that.
  9. http://www.skintactix.com/acne_tips.htm
  10. Some intro on me. First time i post in this forum, im a 25 year old male and a few days ago i did a search on google and came across this site. I have ordered the products required for the regiment but i have not started on it yet. I have been using centaphil and neosporin for the past week morning and nights. I had acne in my teenage years and never did anything about it. Still my acne wasnt severe but it was noticable i guess. Now at 25, i have a very sensitive skin and my facial hair just gr