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  1. I would just turn away to some other direction pretending that I didn't see them...but damn it's not easy when you're the centre of interest in the public sometimes just becuz u got that zits...
  2. Everything takes time. Well, a few months isn't that much. Mine is fading slowly like a snail, but at least they're fading so it's great... I think it's probably because I'm intensively taking care of them...
  3. I have read some online articles saying that taking Vitamin C ( 1000mg ) three times a day is helpful. Top Vitamins and Minerals for Healthy, Blemish-Free Skin http://healing.about.com/library/uc_acne_0209c.htm
  4. Yeah Prototype was right with plenty of water intake daily. I normally drink 2 litres of water at least, then I tend to eat veggies, fruits and any hi-fiber products and make sure to eat a little bit of fat for vitamins ( A E D K ) to enable to dissolve... you know... and exercise regularly is a must as well
  5. I hate waiting But there seems to be the only way now... hahaha
  6. Are you making any good result so far? I hope so...be patient or at least try to... Yeah, I'm a hasty person, too, so I know how it's like... screaming is helpful to me and I did that a lot. haha... Anyhow, good luck! :D ... I'm trying to get rid of some of my unwanted blemishes and redmarks so waiting for Dan's gel to arrive here so desperately...
  7. http://www.gnc.com Direct Link to Vitamin B5 http://www.gnc.com/product/index.jsp?produ...rentPage=family
  8. Congratulations! Well done! hehehe
  9. Olayyyyyyy That's what I'm using at the moment, but gonna change to Neutrogena Oil-Free SPF15 soon - as soon as it arrives here...
  10. I agree check out this pic idk where this holy light came from?
  11. Gosh, cannot wait to try it as many ones really HIGHLY recommend it!