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  1. Araya

    Simply me...

  2. I would just turn away to some other direction pretending that I didn't see them...but damn it's not easy when you're the centre of interest in the public sometimes just becuz u got that zits...
  3. Everything takes time. Well, a few months isn't that much. Mine is fading slowly like a snail, but at least they're fading so it's great... I think it's probably because I'm intensively taking care of them...
  4. Araya

    vitamin C! sounds good

    I have read some online articles saying that taking Vitamin C ( 1000mg ) three times a day is helpful. Top Vitamins and Minerals for Healthy, Blemish-Free Skin http://healing.about.com/library/uc_acne_0209c.htm
  5. Araya

    2-3 months: success!

  6. Yeah Prototype was right with plenty of water intake daily. I normally drink 2 litres of water at least, then I tend to eat veggies, fruits and any hi-fiber products and make sure to eat a little bit of fat for vitamins ( A E D K ) to enable to dissolve... you know... and exercise regularly is a must as well
  7. Araya

    Old Pimples Taking Their Time?

    I hate waiting But there seems to be the only way now... hahaha
  8. Araya

    I'm fucking sick of this....

    Are you making any good result so far? I hope so...be patient or at least try to... Yeah, I'm a hasty person, too, so I know how it's like... screaming is helpful to me and I did that a lot. haha... Anyhow, good luck! :D ... I'm trying to get rid of some of my unwanted blemishes and redmarks so waiting for Dan's gel to arrive here so desperately...
  9. Araya

    Clearing of Blackheads?

    Everything takes time...patient
  10. http://www.gnc.com Direct Link to Vitamin B5 http://www.gnc.com/product/index.jsp?produ...rentPage=family
  11. Araya

    IT worked

    Congratulations! Well done! hehehe
  12. Araya

    Damn. Moisturizer...

    Olayyyyyyy That's what I'm using at the moment, but gonna change to Neutrogena Oil-Free SPF15 soon - as soon as it arrives here...
  13. Araya

    BP Gel, please come

    still waiting for mine
  14. Araya

    Ordered some gel but dont want to use it

    I agree check out this pic idk where this holy light came from?
  15. Araya

    I love CSR Gel!!!

    Gosh, cannot wait to try it as many ones really HIGHLY recommend it!