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  1. Hey Keels, honey! Life is good, still dating Gaz and seeing him again in a few weeks (Going on 2 pretty happy years now!) Aside from that, working nonstop and paying off student debt. How's life and the ear job going :P!

  2. ROFL @ Jays comment!

    How are you m'dear? I hope all is well with you.


  3. Dan! How've you been?

  4. OOh, you sent me a comment. Didn't get it. And don't ban Welshy! I loved that poor abused soul. (I PMed you, sweetheart :P)

  5. Jen, where the fuck are you you skank? Get your Canadian arse over to the ug at once or I will ban Welshy. You can save him.

  6. Hey, don't worry about this. The red marks will fade but they take a LONG damn time. Seriously, up to 2 years for some people. When I last had severe acne, in January.. the red marks faded probably around June? I use a moisturisor with AHA in it a few times a week at night (Neutrogena Healthy Skin) which seems to help me out when my skin texture is acting up. Take progress pics with a digital camera. It's easy to miss progress when you're checking your skin everyday. The red marks ARE f
  7. I don't like it. As an org member since 2003, I believe my opinion counts more than almost everyone. WAY too bright, the entire thing looks WHITE on full screen and boring and bright. The old site was warmer and less harsh on the eyes.
  8. Nah, the scars weren't that bad. The derm went on about them, but my skin looks the same afterwards (after weeks that is). Pore size was reduced. My skin looked fresh and clean for a few weeks like I said. It was beautiful. But my skin is AWFUL now. Loads of acne, bumps, red marks, all down my face and neck. It's worse than it has ever been and that's 2 grand I'll never see again. I found out later that the derm said people often get the procedure every 3 months. Fucking dick never thoug
  9. I want a reply from anyone who can help.
  10. I had laser skin resurfacing done. A 2 grand procedure out of my own pockets. Worked fucking amazingly for a few weeks. My skin was fresh, new, acne almost gone and red marks, etc. less than 2 months later, my skin was worse than ever even with a new and expensive skincare line. Still is and I had the procedure back in the first week of September.
  11. Hi dan.. I used to use the Regimen with success 3 years ago.. something happened and Istopped using it religiously, acne, redmarks and bumps came back and I tried going on it again without success. though I realized a few months later that I was using expired bp gel. Would this have an impact? Secondly, I'm using differin in the mornings and clindoxyl at night right now and my skin has never been so bad. My skin looks like it has been badly burned and it's sore as hell on top of it. So I wan
  12. Hi Jen, hope you had a good xmas. Just wanted to wish you a happy new year!

  13. Thanks for the tip, Brandy. I didn't realize there was an expiry date on them so I'm going to use the ones that expire sooner first and others that expire in October or so later. As for the white bumps.. i dont know.. maybe they're clogged pores but they pop out.. and shit comes out of i squeeze them.. but they never seem to go away.. and they're large.. it's not like pores.. they look like pimples that are forming but then stop before they actually form. I currently wash with Carly's cl
  14. Ugh. But I have cottage cheese every morning and cereal with skim milk. Feck.
  15. I used to use the regimen with success until I started using bp twice a day, got shit skin again.. then stopped for a few months.. Now I'm back on, twice a day.. but my skin seems completely messed from before.. Weird bumps all over my face and mad red marks .. The bumps piss me off the most. My entire face is uneven.. My skintone is brutal. Ugh. I don't have a lot of active acne it seems.. maybe from using BP.. But will the regimen even help me anymore since my skintone and all the da