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  1. heya, i have been using the moisturixer in my sig for a pretty long time, And thought i would change it(Never rele liked it) And i asked my dad to buy me some from tesco, And this is what he came back with: http://www.boots.com/shop/product_details....ationid=1010247 It looks quite good, I know its not perfect for the regimen, But is it 'Ok' for the regimen? I mean it wont react with the BP and kill my skin or anything? ;p Cheers
  2. Ok i need more help ;P For the last 2 months, My way of moisturizing has been this; Spreading some on my fingers, And rubbing it all around my face for about 10 seconds. And im not sure if im doing this right . tonight i moisturize my face part by part, Like i do when i apply BP, And rubbed each bit in untill it felt just a lil bit sticky. Was wondering what way is the best to do? Thanks for any help <3.
  3. Yeah i kinda went over top. They look like pimples, But are smaller, And seem to be just under the skin.
  4. After 2 months, I had to stop for a week, And my skin got extremely bad(Just like it was b4 the 2 months).
  5. I used the csr cleanser last night and this morning, And i just looked at my skin, And i have about 50 small pimples/whiteheads all over my face . Shoudl i stop using it?
  6. AHHH. So im waiting for my bp to be delivered, Hopefully it will come on tuesday . My skin looks so horrible, Had about 10 pimples suddenly pop up, Ive got alot more oily , And my skin texture is looks sh*te again! , To top it off i also failed all my exams, BAAAAH i hate to sound emo, but i hate life!
  7. bo0rk


    Pretty Annoyed atm, I picked the 7-14 day delivery 16 days ago, Expecting it to come in about 7 days, But still havent recieved it, And the support email doesnt reply to me.. just cant see how its possiblt for a package to take 14+ Days to travel from usa to uk . So now ive been without bp for 3 days, And my skin is allready showing effects that it is now going back down hill, And 2 months of this regimen are gonna be wasted.
  8. Hey there. I been On the regimen for a little over 2 months now, And it has cleared up most of my acne, And cut down breakouts alot. But my skin just looks 'dull' , Hard to explain, Theres alot of skin Colour spots, And it looks dry(Tho it feels smooth). could anyone give me some advice on this?(If you have any idea what im talking about;p) Thank you!
  9. I go from Right side, Chin/Upper Lip, Left side then forhead. Takes a long time but ^^
  10. Can never be bothered to manual Shave, And as damian pointed out, Sexy stubble is kl ^^
  11. I got the cheap shipping and it took 7 days :~}
  12. I got a good tan in 20 mins without sunscreen ^^.. Just dont over do it :}
  13. I had the same thing before. Tho it stopped after a few weeks of moiturizing morning+night, Did you moisturize before starting the csr?
  14. My bad, Posted the wrong link http://www.pharmacy2u.co.uk/embarrassing_c...am-CLRAC30.html ^Is the product i mean, Seems as tho its a mix of Salicylic Acid & Hydrogen Peroxide, Which does a very good job of killing spots, Just dunno wether if it can 'react' With the CSR treatment Thx again <3