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  1. Accutane...how long before i have to go off it I started taking it in late november 2004....It is now late february 05 and i am almost done my package....i am on a 20mg dosage to help cure my acne...it has dramatically helped since november! but the acne is coming back and i'm still on it! I don't know whats going on, but i took a 2 week break in early jan. due to sickness...and i've been steady on it ever since. This past weekend i got a couple pimples around my face and it's really making m
  2. hi guys, i suffer from mild acne. i was prescribed accutane a month or so ago. On the 2nd last week of Dec. i came down with a pretty nasty flu....so i stopped taking accutane and have been off it since....now it's 2nd week of jan. and my acne is starting to come back....even worse so i was wondering if i could just go back on it just like that....i still have one whole package of accutane to go thru before i am supposed to see my dr. so will it mess up my cycle or something because i think
  3. I cleanse after shower as i would assume my cleanser wouldn't do much as when i take the hot shower it opens my pores and lets any medicine that was put in..out. not 100% sure on that..but i wasn't sure so i thought i'd ask here. thanks
  4. hahah....more guys than you think wear some sort of makeup...be it concealer or whatever to cover up acne. In fact most of the guys on my b-ball team use it in the morning after practice. it's okay as long as you don't go too far and start wearing lipstick and eyeshadow and otehr freaky stuff but i guess if ur just covering up acne it's all good
  5. hey, overally i have had very mild acne...an odd break out or two...which would clear up as the days go by. however over the summer i've started to accumulate more moderate acne over my face and it looks terrible. I purchased this cleanser, and i was wondering if it would be enough to get rid of the acne on my face. i Have quite a few breakouts on my face at the moment. so far 95% of my acne are these "Papules: Papules are small, red, tender bumps with no head. Do not squeeze a papule. It w
  6. i have used this for over 4 weeks now....and NO IMPROVEMENT....in fact my acne has gotten WORSE>.i din even have THAT BAD ACNE b4 i tried thi stuff...i just wanted a quick fix and now i'm getting major acne on both cheeks of my face ](*,) also, it looks like it's starting to scar [-( what should i do?
  7. got this stuff prescribed by my doctor after 'minocin' pills didn't work. the prescription on the bottle says that it has Erythromycin 1.5% lotion whatever that is anyway this stuff is SORTTTTTA working...but not hugely...i've been using it for approx 2 weeks now. what do u guys think? it dries up my skin a lot..but when i moisturize it seems to be okay. :-k