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  1. Whats another name for zinc oxide? I'm looking at my sunblock and its not listed under the indredients.
  2. I tried using Vitm. E on my face for two years. It didn't do anything to the scars. I gave that up. The actually capsule....poke it and used the gel and applied it to my face.
  3. Does anyone have any recent updates about this payapa soap? I'm really interested about this soap. I just need a bit more positive feedbacks on it. [-o<
  4. Has anyone tried any of these methods?
  5. What does the olive oli do to the blackheads? I have tons on my nose and chin.
  6. I was wondering if anyone knows when you can discontiued the product. It sounds like you have to continue using the product even if you have achieve the look. Any input?
  7. Wow, just by reading the post, Vit K seemed to be working for many people. I wanted to know where you can get this product and how much would it cost?
  8. Hmmm, I guess its silly to be applying Vit. E on my face. And I thought I had it going for sec. Just been bum about my acne and what's been doing to my self-esteem. My right side of the face just looks horrible...just thought Vit. E would do a thing.
  9. Wow, i didn't know accutane can go up that much in dosage. I'm really amazed, please keep me updated with your progess. i'm really interested. I wished i can be on some kind of medication to help calm my zits. With no health insurance, there's nothing for me to do. ---Cheers---
  10. I took accutane a few years ago and i was under the impression that, once u took the medication...The acne will forever go away. Ugggh, My zits came back...why? I'm currently using Clear Action Acne medication from NuSkin. So far so good....going to try it for two months to see the difference. I hate ACNE...Acne are evil! :twisted: Sorry, just had to vent out my frustration with this problem...hehe! I hope everyone have a wonderful Christmas!
  11. Thanks, Njacobs....i got scared for a moment.
  12. Just wondering...am I taking too much vit. E? i thought it was normal. i read somewhere that taking two Vit. E at 400ie....is very common. any inputs?
  13. hi...i was just wondering if there's a website showing the product. i have uneven skin myself....
  14. currently taking Vitamin E. two tablets at 400ie...