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  1. I put the whole pump in my hand, then I take some with my fingertips and place it all around my face equally, then I use my fingertips again to rub it all in which takes me about 2-3 min. Same with the moisturizer. Plus its easy this way because dans bp doesnt dry up so when its all sitting on my face I do my cheeks first then forehead then my chin area last and none of it drys up.
  2. almost 2 years ago when I first started I remember being mad because it seemed like it made it worse for me, and my skin was red everyday..about a month after I was like whatever I'll keep going because nothing else had worked, then all of a sudden i was starting to clear up and about 2 months after that i was 100% clear.. Stick with it
  3. I don't think theres any white, its more like very tiny brownish circles connected together on my cheeks, and I can literally take them off if I were to run something sharp or even a nail through them.. If I get rid of them, they slowly come back every 2-3 weeks covering my whole cheeks..
  4. I used the CSR for over 5 months and cleared my acne, then finally my red marks went away, last month I got a facial at a place and my skin looked good, hardly any red marks and basicly no acne... Well , every 2-3 weeks, these dark patches form over my cheeks, I can basicly peel it off with my nail if i wanted to.. I can't keep going for 75$ facials every month to keep this away lol.. So I have some questions... I've used a towel before, warm towel and I would scrape it all off, but it would
  5. yeah I still have my cetaphil so im using that, my skin is looking better already after like 3-4 days. the right side of my face looks like it used to..1 pimple only..but my left side still has like 4 or 5.. my 2 huge pimples my chin are basicly gone now.. pretty sure im down to like 6 pimples now from 13..after 4 days. Should not use the lh5 for like a month ? or just start soon..becasue i love that moisturizre.. also the BP im using a good amount and its not burning so i guess my ski
  6. thanks for the reply brandy.. well i started.. this morning: dans gentle wash.. waited 15 min applied BP on..using half finger length. felt good didnt burn or get red at all. waited 20 min. didnt use LH5 today early. im about to go wash and apply BP and not use lh5 again. I think i'll bring that in later..after a week or so of straight BP day and night for 1 week. EDIT:...wow..active acne = 13 ..not 11..just noticed 2 new ones on my chin.. I didnt even know till i just washed my face.
  7. okkay so..been clear for about almost 2 months now..stoped using the bp..was only using the gentle wash.. from shaving i got like 3-4 pimples so i thought i should start using the bp again..but my face was never reallly all that great so i bought some aha moisturizr to not only clear acne...but just my face look better.. well 2 weeks later using dans gentle wash and bp..and lh5..i now have about 14 pimples on my face...havnt had this much in over 3-4 months.. so now im going back on the csr re
  8. so are u saying for the first couple weeks bp and aha will bring acne up and kill them then stop..or will it always bring them up ? on the bp only i never had acne past month but ever since started aha with it i have like 8 pimples on my face now..is this my face getting used to the aha added or will it always be like this ?
  9. whoa what do u mean bp/aha brings acne to the surface..becasue i havel ike 8 pimples on my face now since starting an aha moist and dans Bp continue... had only 1 pimple before.. are u saiying using aha with bp brings acne up ? im confused
  10. I use the hot wet towel but i press hard on my skin or else it doesnt come off.. i have to do it like every 3 weeks..or my proactive face mask takes it off but im lazy to do that sometimes
  11. im scared to try this im pretty much clear even red spots almost gone..i feel like if itry trhis the dryness will break me out ..anyone break out using this yet ?
  12. should u clean the sink with anything before this ? I want to test it for a couple days to see what it does to my pimples that pop up sometimes and red marks which is what i have left
  13. Thanks for the replys I'll give those moistuizer's a try for now.
  14. ok..So the CSR took my acne away..i even stoped using BP for like 2 months and I only had like 1 pimplle or 2..then i had SOO many red spots.. well about 2-3 weeks ago I noticed my red marks fading like crazy cauase of the break of BP.. Well I just realized that I dont have red spots anymore either..as in..I cant count any..not even 1. but My skin just...I dont know how to put it..sucks ? Like i had to look in the mirrior real close to realize I cant count 1 pimple or red spot..just..my cheeks