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  1. uhh youre using all the wrong products. they probably wont help your skin at all.
  2. I just apply sunscreen and pressed powder and I'm good to go, a proof that my skin has made a long way since my foundation wearing days I used to be obsessed with finding the right foundation, and nothing looked natural; even if the shade was close to my skin color, it was always obvious that I had makeup on, I think your best bet would be a tinted moisturizer, but even that can make your skin look mirky
  3. cream foundation is the best at covering red marks, but be careful, it may clog pores or cause more acne
  4. I was wondering if there is something I can do at home or at a derm's office to improve my cheeks. Would light peels + microdermabrasion OR 15-20% TCA peel at derm's office do any good?
  5. i made that decision after thoroughly reading everything at Smart Skin website and some forum threads. it's just my preference and i believe ditching them is the best choice for my skin. im going to try vitamin e, jojoba, tea tree, and rosehip oils, remove impurities by applying PC's 2% BHA liquid few times a week, limit my facial cleansing to 1-2 times a day and use DY's rosehip seed cleanser (it doesnt have bad ingredients and has a pH level of 5.5), and drink lots of water. im gong to be c
  6. can the oils go bad or oxidize? how do i store them and how do i know that they've gone bad? can i mix these oils with each other? can i purhcase oils at health food stores? would they be trustworthy, pure oils? i know i can trust that the jojoba oil is good if i buy, let's say, from Desert Essence, but im not sure about buying them from health food stores
  7. ^please tell me your progress on the 15% peel... how long does the peelings last? a week? when does the pinkness of the skin go away? would it reduce superficial, small, scarred pores?? and choppa thanks for sharing the link! im going to read it right now
  8. if i do a peel that's 15% or lower, will i experience redness and peelings?
  9. oh sorry choppa for stealing your thread! it's just that ive been thinking about getting TCA peels done that when i saw this thread i just posted my questions... can i ask a couple of more questions though? sorry.. what percent of the TCA peel is considered gentle or mild? what is considered strong (i want to avoid strong, invasive peels)? will the gentle or mild TCA peel require the healing process of the pic i posted above in this thread or is that only for strong TCA peel? what % do you th
  10. if proactiv looses its effectiveness later on due to the bacteria's resistance, does that also mean Dan's BP will lose its effectiveness after some use since they're both benzyl peroxide?
  11. then why do so many ppl do tca peels on this board? esp. @ the scar treatments section? and will even the gentle tca peels cause enlarged pores? wont a series of them improve scarred pores? i am aware that that pic is just the process, i saw several tca peel pics that were posted here. that looks really painful...and too much down time
  12. WHY did you peel it off??? you said you saw big differences in your scarred pores..why didnt you just wait to enjoy your smooth skin?
  13. when you say there are people here who wish they never did TCA peels, do you mean doing them themselves, @ a derm's office or both? is getting 15% TCA peel at a derm's office safe? would it be considered a gentle or mild peel? im thinking about getting a TCA peel done just on my cheeks or the entire face..i have superficial, small, scarred pores. should i opt for TCA peel that is lower than 15% and maybe do a series of them to see result? EXAMPLE* will TCA peel that is 15% or lower bring this
  14. sweetie ask before you speak ok? take it easy